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ACM (Polyacrylate Rubber)

Series/ Product number

ACM (Polyacrylate Rubber)

Grade Type Mooney viscosity*1 Characteristics
Nipol® AR31 Heat resistant 40.0 Standard polymer of heat resistance, particularly resistant to high and low temperatures and has been used for many years in automobile gaskets, etc.
Nipol® AR51 55.0 AR31 type with shortened post curing time. Products feature improved compression set, hot tear resistance, corrosion property and extrusion molding.
Nipol® AR71 50.0 Fast curing type suitable for molded products like seals and gaskets.
Nipol® AR32 Low temperature resistant 35.0 Standard low temperature resistant polymer providing a good balance between heat and oil resistances, and has been used for many years in automobile hoses, etc.
Nipol® AR42W 33.5 Standard temperature resistant polymer with shortened post curing time. Improved compression set.
Nipol® AR72LS 33.0 Fast curing type. Improved processability providing low compression set and excellent flowability of compounds.
Nipol® AR53L 34.0 Fast curing possible with Zeonet A/B/U curing system. Excellent compression set, low corrosion available.
Nipol® AR12 33.0 High durability ACM especially for heat resistance and compression set performance.
Nipol® AR54 Very low temperature resistant 28.5 Acrylic rubber resistant to very low temperature britleness point crosses -35°C better corrosion property and extrusion moldability.
Nipol® AR74X 34.0 Fast curing type providing low compression set and cold resistance.
Nipol® AR14 33.0 Cold resistant version of AR12.
  1. *1Design value

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