Basic Strategy & Management Vision

Corporate Philosophy

Contributing to the preservation of the Earth and the prosperity of the human race.

In keeping with its name, derived from the Greek words “geo” (Earth) and “eon” (eternity), Zeon will contribute to environmental sustainability along with safe and comfortable living by providing innovative technologies, products, and services.

The Origin of the Corporate Name, "ZEON"

Zeon Corporation was founded as the first full-scale manufacturer of polyvinyl chloride resin in Japan, with capital and technology support from BF Goodrich Chemicals of the United States. Upon our founding, we adopted BF Goodrich's "Geon" trademark for a polyvinyl chloride resin as our corporate name. The word "Geon" is a compound of two Greek words: "Geo," which refers to the "Earth," and "eon," which refers to "eternity." It represents "eternal prosperity with materials supplied by the Earth." "ZEON" has been the company name since BF Goodrich Chemicals withdrew capital support.

Zeon CSR Policy

Zeon CSR Policy
  1. 1We will ensure compliance and meet society's needs for safety and security.
  2. 2We will contribute to sustainably developing society and protecting the global environment through our corporate activities.
  3. 3We will ensure that each and every Zeon person is aware of CSR and acts accordingly.

(Established April 2010)

Basic Business Strategy

To continually focus on creating new businesses (Specialty Materials Business), taking full advantage of steady revenue generated by existing businesses (Elastomer Business).

Elastomer Business Strategy
To secure stable profits by achieving the world's highest quality and cost competitiveness and optimizing our global supply system.
Specialty Materials Business Strategy
To conduct user-oriented market deployment and dramatically expand business by further enhancing our technology platform based on world-leading, unique technology and precision processing technology using Zeon's proprietary materials.