Message from the President

Tetsuya Toyoshima
President and CEO

At the Zeon Group, our mission has been embodied in our corporate philosophy of “contributing to the preservation of the Earth and the prosperity of the human race.” We conduct our business aspiring to realize a “Sustainable Earth” and a “Safe and Comfortable Life” by providing products and services created using our original technology. Our corporate philosophy also ties into our company name, derived from the Greek words “geo” (Earth) and “eon” (eternity), encompassing the very concept of sustainability; achieving sustainability thus means nothing less than putting this corporate philosophy into practice.
However, against the backdrop of a variety of increasingly serious social issues such as climate change and a chaotic global situation, concerns about achieving a sustainable society are growing. As a result, I believe that we at the Zeon Group must renew our commitment and bring an even stronger resolve to achieving our mission.
Under our current Medium-Term Business Plan, which began in fiscal 2021, we have formulated a company-wide strategy around a vision of a company that lives up to societal expectations and the aspirations of its employees, with the goal of contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of common global objectives. One of the key words behind our efforts to address society’s expectations is “innovation.” We believe that innovative materials and services created through the power of chemistry have an enormous ability to aid in solving social issues and can fundamentally alter the future of the Earth and humanity.
Without doubt, it is people who generate such innovation. Our human resource strategy is thus to work together to create a stage on which each of our employees can fully demonstrate their strengths. We will work earnestly toward achieving a sustainable society, using the motivation of our employees as the driver of innovation.

Message from the Corporate Sustainability Division Manager

Erisa Watanabe
Director & Corporate Officer
Corporate Sustainability Division Manager

“Based on our corporate philosophy of ‘contributing to the preservation of the Earth and the prosperity of the human race,’ sustainability at Zeon means achieving sustainable growth together with society. To achieve this, we will provide products and services that are valuable for solving global and social issues, build trust with our stakeholders through fairness and integrity and have each one of us act proactively thinking how to create a better future for the society and ourselves.”
This is how the Zeon Group defined sustainability in its Sustainability Policy established in July 2022. It is both the Zeon Group’s basic approach to advancing its business, and at the same time a promise to our stakeholders of the attitude we most value in our relationships with them.
In our Medium-Term Business Plan, we have set out our contributions to the SDGs with the goal of solving social issues through our business. We are advancing a variety of initiatives to improve sustainability, including providing products and services that contribute to the SDGs; achieving carbon neutrality by 2050; enhancing employee engagement; and conducting human rights due diligence. In December 2022, we also established a Sustainability Conference and Sustainability Committee, and put in place a system to address various sustainability issues in an enterprise-wide, flexible manner.
Recently, we also decided to publish a new Sustainability Report, which will replace our existing CSR Report and which is intended to disclose the status of our sustainability management efforts. As we aim for the sustainable growth of both the Zeon Group and society as a whole, each of our employees will put into practice an awareness of sustainability in their own activities, while working to achieve a better future through dialogue and collaboration with our stakeholders.