All About Zeon

What is Zeon's business? What kind of company is it? Here we answer these and other questions to present Zeon from all sides, from its business operations, history, and corporate culture to its role in providing the world's premier materials and products.

Zeon Businesses and Strengths

Conducting a Broad Range of Businesses Leveraging C5 Fractions

As a chemicals manufacturer, Zeon is engaged unique businesses using raw materials extracted from the C4 and C5 fractions in naphtha along with its proprietary technologies. The use of C5 fractions across a broad range of products is a particularly significant strength of Zeon and one source of its competitive strength.

Corporate History and Culture

After 70 Years, Zeon Remains Strong as it Evolves with the Times

Founded in 1950, Zeon marked its 70th anniversary in 2020. Here we introduce the evolution of its business in this history as well as the corporate culture underlying its innovative technological capabilities.

(Photo caption)
Synthetic rubber manufacturing facilities, Japan's first facilities for manufacturing synthetic rubber in 1959 (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture) and the world's first commercial super-growth carbon nanotube mass production plant (Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture).


Striving to Become the World's Number One, Unique, First-in-the-World Enterprise

Zeon is proud to be associated with many of the world's premier products. We draw on our unique technologies to produce countless products that form the backbone of everyday life.


Providing Security through Stable and Safe Production

Beyond working to achieve zero accidents and incidents and to reduce environmental impact, foundational requirements for a chemicals manufacturer, Zeon is closely communicating with local communities to achieve growth in collaboration with them.

Zeon by the Numbers

Net sales (consolidated)

Net sales (consolidated)

Operating income (consolidated)

Operating income (consolidated)

Net sales (outer circle) and
operating income (inner circle)
by business segment

Net sales (outer circle) and operating income (inner circle) by business segment

Zeon Supports Daily Life

Zeon is a chemicals manufacturer that produces raw materials for a wide variety of products. It helps you in the various stages of your life.

Zeon's materials are used in a variety of automotive parts. The most typical example is the rubbers used in tires and peripheral automotive engine parts, such as timing belts and hoses. It is a pioneer, leading the industry in manufacturing heat- and oil-resistant special synthetic rubbers. It also handles materials for lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, which have become increasingly popular in recent years, and thereby contributes to the development of the automotive industry.

Cameras, including those in smartphones, are used in every setting in which we live. Zeon's specialty plastics with superior optical properties have significantly advanced as materials for lenses in those cameras. Moreover, we developed optical films manufactured by processing resins into films using a groundbreaking technology we were first to develop. Our optical films have secured the highest position in the market as a material for various displays in TVs, tablets, and smartphones.

Aroma enriches our lives. Zeon manufactures synthetic aroma chemicals used as a source of aroma. Synthetic aroma chemicals are used for fragrances, cosmetics, shampoo, and other products as well as foods and beverages. Additionally, Zeon commands the top share in the global market for green aroma chemicals that have the scent of natural greenery.

Group company Zeon Kasei Co., Ltd. offers siding and sound insulation materials for residential buildings that enrich people's lives to meet wide-ranging requirements, including high durability, fire resistance and beautiful design. Tohpe Corporation, which became a Group company in 2013, is involved in the manufacturing and sales of various paints for building construction, including heat-resistant paints and floor paints.

Zeon manufactures and provides medical devices with a focus on the cardiovascular and digestive systems.* We also provide synthetic latexes for medical-grade gloves and specialty plastics for medical syringes and vials, both of which are essential in healthcare for supporting health and well-being.
*Zeon MEDICAL INC. manufactures and sells medical devices. Zeon Corporation conducts R&D activities for the products.

Zeon Continues to Advance

Zeon will leverage its unique technologies as it continues creating and providing products and services that benefit society.