Electronic Materials

Etching agent (C5F8)


Semiconductors (Memory/LSI)
  • Wide process margin
  • High etch rate and selectivity
  • Well balanced atmospheric lifetime and minimal global warming potential

Physical Properties

Boiling Point (℃) 27
Specific Gravity (25℃) 1.5800
Viscosity (Pa・s) 0.0038
Surface Tention (mN/m) 17.8
Specific Heat (J/(kg・K)) 1160
Latent Heat of Vaporization (kJ/kg) 118
Critical Temperature (℃) 159.9
Critical Pressure (MPa) 2.47
Flash Point (℃) No flash point
Explosive Propeties Non-explosive
Flammability Non-Flammable
Solubility for Water (g/100g water) 0.00756
Solubility of Water(g/100g solvent) 0.0072
Atmospheric Lifetime (year) 0.98
GWP (CO2=1 100 years) 90
  • *ZEORORA® was developed in partnership with the National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research in a joint research project.
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