Multi-Material Adhesive
(Development Products LS/LS-XU)

Multi Material Adhesive(Development Products LS/LS-XU) is a new cycloolefin-based multi-material adhesive (developed products LS, LS-XU).
The sheet-shaped hot melt adhesives that can be bonded to organic and inorganic substrates such as CFRP, aluminum, iron, glass, copper and PP. Unlike conventional adhesives, it also has excellent water resistance, weathering resistance, and insulation properties.

  • Thermoplastic (Tg=123℃)
  • Amorphous
  • Storage at room
    temperature & humidity
  • Transparent (total light transmittance 91%)

Product Features

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Application examples

Structural adhesive or semi-structural adhesive for mobility

High adhesive strength × High durability × High insulation × Easy-disassembly

For E-Motor insulation film

High durability × High insulation

For High frequency substrate

Low dielectric × Low water absorption

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