Zeon's Sustainability

Basic Approach

Corporate Philosophy

Contributing to the preservation of the Earth and the prosperity of the human race

In keeping with its name, derived from the Greek words “geo” (Earth) and “eon” (eternity),
Zeon will contribute to a “Sustainable Earth” and “Safe and Comfortable Life for People”
by providing original technologies, products, and services.

Sustainability Policy

    • We aspire to realize a “Sustainable Earth” and “Safe and Comfortable Life”.

    • We will firmly maintain fairness and integrity in our activities to be a trustworthy company.

    • Each of us will think and act proactively for a better future.

Based on our corporate philosophy of “contributing to the preservation of the Earth and the prosperity of the human race”, sustainability at Zeon means achieving sustainable growth together with society. To achieve this, we will provide products and services that are valuable for solving global and social issues, build trust with our stakeholders through fairness and integrity and have each one of us act proactively thinking how to create a better future for the society and ourselves.

Explanation of the schematic diagram
Zeon’s Sustainability Policy can be explained with reference to the schematic diagram shown above. Firstly, the inner arrows (① and ②) represent how, by helping to solve social issues and providing new value for society, Zeon itself can also obtain profits in return for providing this value. Arrows ③ and ④ show how continuing to implement a “virtuous circle” can lead to sustainable development for society and continued growth for Zeon. The image in the middle representing two people shaking hands denotes how, by realizing this kind of virtuous circle, the relationship of trust between society and Zeon can be further strengthened.

CSR Code of Conduct

Based on the Zeon Corporate Philosophy and Sustainability Policy, we have established the CSR Code of Conduct, to serve as a guideline for each and every employee to earn the trust of society and act in accordance with its expectations.

Sustainability Management

Organizational Bodies and Committees

In December 2022, we newly established the Sustainability Conference and Sustainability Committee as organizational bodies tasked with reviewing and promoting group-wide sustainability initiatives. Both the Sustainability Conference and the CSR Conference are chaired and overseen by the President, with reports delivered to the Board of Directors on an as-needed basis. Risk management and compliance are handled by the CSR Conference, while general sustainability issues besides these are handled by the Sustainability Conference.

Conferences and Committees Promoting Sustainability

Organizational Reform

With the aim of realizing carbon neutrality by 2050, in April 2022 the Carbon Neutral Endeavor Department which previously reported directly to the President was placed under the Corporate Sustainability Division. In July 2022, we established a new Carbon Neutral Division to strengthen organizational functions such as strategy formulation, and the Carbon Neutral Endeavor Department was placed under it. In addition, a new Carbon Neutral Laboratory has been established under the Research and Development Center, and we have put in place a system for promoting R&D that is oriented toward monozukuri manufacturing that helps to realize carbon neutrality and the circular economy.
In May 2022, we implemented an organizational reform, with the existing Raw Material Division and Logistics Division that had been under the Elastomers and Chemicals Business Headquarters being brought together to form the new Supply Chain Division, which is under the Administrative Headquarters. The Supply Chain Division undertakes the comprehensive collection and analysis of all supply chain related information, and implements measures intended to reduce Scope 3 CO2 emissions in the supply chain. It also puts in place the systems needed for the formulation, proposal, adjustment and implementation of supply chain related policies to help ensure the building of the foundations needed for business growth, and accelerating initiatives aimed at realizing carbon neutrality.

Sustainability Promotion Plan

Since 2011, we have instituted our “Vision for 2020” in respective fields based on our CSR Matrix, and have been engaged with CSR issues at the Zeon Group level.
In 2021, we presented our “Vision for 2030,” formulating the Three Group-wide Strategies to help us achieve our goals for the year 2030, and which represent the embodiment of that vision. We then established our “Targets for 2030,” corresponding to these Three Group-wide Strategies. These include those relating to sustainability objectives, such as: “a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions”; “50% of turnover from products which contribute to the SDGs”; “75% employee engagement”; and “a 30% ratio of foreign-national and female directors.”
Meanwhile, it is important to have indicators to manage the various initiatives which we have undertaken in various fields to date. We will reconsider the mechanisms for management and disclosure on new initiatives as well as those for KPIs, which are discussed and finalized by the Sustainability Conference and CSR Conference respectively.

Timeline of CSR/Sustainability Initiatives

1995 Joined the Japan Responsible Care Council and declared our commitment to Responsible Care
Established Zeon’s Responsible Care Policy
1996 Revised the group-wide safety management system and established the Plant Technology Audit System
1997 Established the Safety Philosophy
Held the first Zeon Safety Month and the All-Zeon Safety Conference (subsequently held each year in April)
Established the Code of Conduct (Zeon’s Seven Articles)
1998 Established the Responsible Care Policy
1999 Established the Risk Management Rules
2000 Published the first Responsible Care Activity Report (1999 edition)
2001 Established the Environmental Philosophy
2003 Amended the Risk Management Rules and renamed them as the Risk Management and Compliance Rules
Established Zeon’s Seven Articles Code of Conduct
2004 Established the Internal Reporting System
Published the Compliance Textbook I
2005 Published an English version of the Responsible Care Activity Report
Conducted third-party verification for the Responsible Care Activity Report
Published the Compliance Textbook II (Q&A Edition)
2006 Switched from publishing the Responsible Care Activity Report to publishing the CSR Report
2008 Published the Compliance Textbook I (Revised Edition)
2009 Signed the Responsible Care Global Charter
2010 Established the CSR Policy and CSR Code of Conduct
Published the Compliance Textbook (Q&A Edition)
Revised the CSR Implementation System and established a new System
Published the CSR Textbook
2011 Began using the CSR Matrix
2012 Started the CSR Core Projects (comprehensive Zeon social contributions package)
2013 Switched from publishing the CSR Report to publishing the Corporate Report
2017 Revised the CSR Matrix based on ISO 26000
Along with publishing the Corporate Report, also published a PDF version of the CSR Report on the corporate website
2018 Revised the CSR Code of Conduct
2019 Became a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact
Established the Human Rights Policy
2020 Expressed its support for the TCFD
2022 Established the Sustainability Policy
Switched from the Corporate Report to the Integrated Report; and from the CSR Report to the Sustainability Report
Newly established the Sustainability Conference and Sustainability Committee

Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report provides more detailed information.