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1950 April The Japanease Geon Co., Ltd. founded to manufacture and sell plastics with starting capital of 5 million yen. Head Office set up within Nippon Light Metal Co., Ltd. (7-3 Ginza Nishi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo).
1951 January Technical assistance contract for the manufacture of polyvinyl chloride resins (PVC) concluded with BF Goodrich Chemicals Co. of the U.S.A.
1952 April PVC production begins at Kanbara Plant (Shizuoka Prefecture).
1953 September Technological Research Laboratory opens.
1956 November PVC production begins at Takaoka Plant (Toyama Prefecture).
1959 July Production of Japan's first synthetic rubbers begins at Kawasaki Plant
(Kanagawa Prefecture). Central Research Laboratory opens.


1961 September Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Listed on the Osaka and Nagoya Stock Exchanges in October.
1965 June Head Office moves to Marunouchi 2-6-1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
1965 August Butadiene and SBR production using the GPB Process (Zeon’s proprietary technology for extracting butadiene) begins at Tokuyama Plant (Yamaguchi Prefecture).
1965 November BR production begins at Tokuyama Plant.
1967 March Kanbara Plant closed.
1969 September PVC production begins at Mizushima Plant (Okayama Prefecture).


1970 September All stock of The Japanease Geon held by BF Goodrich Chemical Co. of the U.S.A. transferred to Japanese interest.
1971 November English company name changed to Nippon Zeon co., Ltd.
1971 November GPI (Zeon's proprietary technology for extracting Isoprene) facility completed in Mizushima Plant and production of IR begin at the plant.
1973 August C5 hydrocarbon resin production begins at Mizushima Plant
1978 February Production of NBR begins at Tokuyama Plant


1980 April Synthetic aromatic chemicals production begins at Mizushima Plant.
1982 July Electronic materials business launched.
1984 April Production of Zetpol® (hydrogenated NBR) begins at Takaoka Plant.
1985 November Entire company awarded Deming Prize for TQC.
1985 December Production of Quintac® (thermoplastic elastomer SIS) begins at Mizushima Plant.
1986 March Production of polymerized toner begins at Kawasaki Plant.
1986 August Solution-polymerized SBR production begins at Tokuyama Plant.
1989 March Nitrile rubber operations of BP Chemical Ltd. in U.K. purchased.
1989 September RIM products business launched.
1989 October Specialty rubber business of BF Goodrich Chemicals Co. of the U.S.A. purchased.


1990 February Company becomes first enterprise in the world to receive approval to manufacture ventricular-assist devices.
1990 October A comprehensive medical equipment plant completed within the Takaoka Plant.
1990 November ZEONEX (COP, Cyclo Olefin Polymer) plant completed within the Mizushima Plant.
1994 July Environmental materials business launched in its entirety.
1994 October Takaoka and Tokuyama Plants acquire ISO 9002 certification. (Kawasaki and Mizushima Plants acquire it in 1995.)
1994 October Combined septic tank production facility completed at Mizushima Plant.
1995 July PVC business via transfer to Shin Dai-ichi Vinyl Corporation spun-off.
1998 June Construction of C5 hydrocarbon resin plant of Zeon Chemicals (Thailand) Co., Ltd. completed.
1998 September Sales of ZEONOR® (COP) , begin.
1998 November Takaoka Plant acquires ISO 14001 certification. (Tokuyama, Mizushima, and Kawasaki Plants acquire it in 1999.)
1998 December Production facility for ZEORORA® completed at Takaoka Plant.
1998 December The U.S. DSM Copolymer's NBR business purchased.
1999 September Specialty rubber business from the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company of the U.S.A. purchased.


2000 March PVC production at Mizushima Plant discontinued. Company withdraws from vinyl chloride business.
2000 July Company logo changed and English company name changed to ZEON CORPORATION to mark the 50th anniversary.
2001 December COP processing facility completed in Takaoka Plant.
2002 October ZeonorFilm® (LCD optical film) launched.
2003 August RIMTEC Corporation founded
2004 April Construction of a polymerized color toner plant begins.
Construction of the facility for LCD diffusion plates made with COP completed.
2004 August Construction of a new CMB (Carbon Master Batch) factory completed in Guangzhou, China.
2004 October A new Low-k dielectric material for inter-layer insulation film was developed.
2004 November COP production capacity improved to 15,000 tons.
2005 February Construction of Precision Optics Laboratory and ZeonorFilm® Complex No.5 at Takaoka Plant completed.
Relocated Head Office to current location.
2005 October Constructs new manufacturing facility and launches sales of New Ether Solvent.
2006 May Completed R&D building No.10.
2007 August Won METI Minister's Prize of the second Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award for Optical Films.
2008 September New facility for optical films constructed in Himi city, Toyama Pref.
2008 June Completed the construction of Intergrated Product Center (IPC) at Mizushima Plant.
2009 January Zeon absorps Optes Inc,.


2010 December Zeon Chemicals Singapore Pte. Ltd. founded.
2011 February ZEON KOREA CO.,LTD.founded.
2012 February Zeon Manufacturing Vietnam Co., Ltd. founded.
2013 October New facility for optical films constructed in Tsuruga city, Fukui.