Multi-Material Adhesive
(Development Products LS/LS-XU)

Multi-material adhesion

Strongly adheres to steel, Al, CFRP, PP, and GF reinforced resins without surface treatment

Initial adhesive strength

Excellent water resistance

Low water absorption and no hydrolysis Therefore, it is not easily degraded by heat and humidity

Minimizes moisture penetration inside the adhesive bulk and at the adhesive interface, which is a challenge for adhesive reliability
Water absorption rate
Resistance to hygrothermal aging (CFRP/AI 85℃×85%RH after exposure)

Excellent electrical corrosion resistance

Excellent electrical corrosion resistance due to high insulation and low water absorption

Prevents the formation of current-carrying paths inside the adhesive due to water absorption
Water absorption rate

Excellent impact resistant

Excellent impact resistance due to its flexibility and elongation
No Break in IZOD impact test
IZOD impact


Easily disassembled by heating due to thermoplasticity

Contributes to improved recyclability

Low dielectric

Transmission loss can be reduced due to low dielectric properties

Dielectric Constant and Dielectric loss tangent (5GHz,23℃)

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