Fair Operating Practices

Basic Policy

Ensuring compliance is established as the first priority of the Zeon CSR Policy, and we will meet the public's expectations by having all employees act with awareness of CSR. We endeavor to engage in fair operating practices, and our CSR Code of Conduct clearly defines related matters including compliance with antitrust regulations and a prohibition on entertaining and offering gifts to overseas civil servants.

Policies Related to CSR Procurement

Policies related to procurement are as follows.
We have been developing initiatives for CSR-based procurement since FY 2012. We have established the CSR Procurement Guidelines and Requests to Suppliers, which integrate CSR perspectives into our existing QCD*.

  • *QCD
    The system for production management that controls and improves quality, cost, and delivery.
CSR Procurement Guidelines
  1. 1CSR procurement

    We will promote procurement activities that are based on our CSR Policy.

  2. 2Procurement of optimal raw materials, products, and services

    We will work to procure optimal raw materials, products, and services that meet our standards for quality, cost, delivery time, supply stability, and technological development capabilities in order to provide better products.

  3. 3Consideration of the global environment

    We will work to procure raw materials and products that have less impact on the global environment.

  4. 4Open approach to purchasing and partnerships

    We will use a global perspective to search for suppliers from across the world, build partnerships through dialogue, and work to create fair and equitable business opportunities.

Requests to Suppliers

We kindly ask that our suppliers:

  1. 1Follow corporate ethics and thoroughly implement compliance.
  2. 2Respect human rights and give consideration to workplace environments.
  3. 3Give consideration to the environment, and provide safe raw materials, products, and services.
  4. 4Provide raw materials, products, and services with competitive quality and pricing, and abide by agreed delivery dates.
  5. 5Actively provide information during the creation of partnerships. Also, implement strict management of information disclosed by Zeon during our transactions. We will implement the same strict management.

Targets and Results

Enterprise Blueprint for 2020
To meet the expectations of society
Details of current activities
(■: Completed, △: Ongoing)
Future initiatives and targets

Ensuring compliance and ethical corporate activities

  • Compliance awareness is established, various laws, regulations, agreements, and company rules are complied with, and Zeon acts ethically and within the bounds of social norms
  • Information is disclosed quickly and appropriately, and market value has increased (Including negative information regarding business conditions, CSR, risks, etc.)
  • Appropriately manage confidential information including trade secrets and personal information
  • Select business partners based on the CSR Procurement Guidelines and periodically confirm the Guidelines' status of implementation
  • Promoting understanding on the handling of intellectual property rights (including trade secrets)
  • The system of monitoring other companies' intellectual property rights to prevent violations is functioning properly

△ Enact and implement the Management Rule of Insider Trading and Timely Disclosure
△ Comply with internal regulations including the Export Security Control Rules
△ Appropriately implement regulations to comply with the Act on Prohibition of Private Monopolization and Maintenance of Fair Trade (Antimonopoly Act)
△ Compliance with the Subcontract Act and the Act for Securing the Proper Operation of Worker Dispatching Undertakings (prevention of falsified contracts)
△ Build a system that prohibits bribes
△ Conduct CSR education including holding CSR informational sessions and legal compliance inspections
△ Hold lectures on legal and regulatory compliance and conduct legal compliance inspections
△ Promptly disclose information (websites, briefings)
△ Operation of information management systems
△ Purchasing following the CSR Procurement Guidelines
■ Institute regulations on intellectual property rights and intellectual property management
△ Hold meetings on countermeasures for other companies' patents and patent risk audits as appropriate

  1. 1Ongoing compliance education
  2. 2Support the establishment of compliance systems at Zeon Group companies outside Japan (develop in the supply chain)
  3. 3Shift from compliance to sustainability with focus on the SDGs (promote understanding among management and establish among employees)
  4. 4To enhance the corporate brand and value
    • Improve the website (IR, CSR information)
    • Strengthen the information communications structure (PR)
    • Communicate information responsive to ESG investing (including CDP)
  5. 5Raise compliance awareness in the supply chain by continuing to conduct the CSR procurement questionnaire

CSR Report 2020

The CSR Report provides more detailed information on FY 2019 initiatives.