Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Zeon Corporation aims to increase profits and achieve ongoing corporate value enhancement while respecting and balancing the various interests of its shareholders and other diverse stakeholders. To this end, we are making ongoing efforts to establish a system that enables efficient and sound corporate management through corporate governance.

Putting in place a corporate governance system allows us to clarify the functions and roles of each organizational entity within the company and to carry out quick decision-making and execution. We are also improving business transparency through appropriate monitoring and disclosure of activities and their effects.

See the following for more detailed information on Zeon's Corporate Governance Basic Policy and its implementation.

Risk Management

The Risk Management Committee leads Zeon's risk management.
Activities to prevent law violations and to comply with laws and regulations are conducted under the Compliance Committee.

Targets and Results

Enterprise Blueprint for 2020
To meet the expectations of society
Details of current activities
(■: Completed, △: Ongoing)
Future initiatives and targets

Decision-making with accountability and transparency

  • Organizational decision-making is conducted appropriately based on internal regulations
  • Business divisions carry out their operations using the PDCA cycle based on policies
  • The process of decision-making takes into consideration social and environmental impacts

△ Operations address corporate governance (details of results below)

  1. 1Continue implementing our CSR promotion structure, and periodically revise its operations based on society’s expectations

Ensuring corporate governance

  • Corporate governance
    Corporate governance functions effectively and reasonably
  • Risk management
    Established a global crisis management structure
  • Business continuity
    Independent business continuity management (BCM) activities (establishing a BCM system, periodically revising BCM through drills and other means, etc.) are conducted throughout the Zeon Group, and have become established and reinforced

△ Report corporate governance reports (status of system for ensuring appropriateness of business affairs)
△ Regularly revise risks using the risk table and evaluate risks across the Zeon Group (Japan/global)
△ Operate an internal reporting system
■ Establish business continuity management (BCM)
△ Create and periodically revise various business continuity plans (group-wide BCP, division BCP, raw materials procurement BCP, etc.)

  1. 1Improve internal control level at Zeon Group companies
  2. 2Evaluate the risk table and give guidance for improvements at divisions and Group companies, and horizontally implement successful cases
  3. 3Consider business risks broadly and manage them in view of demands and society's expectations. Promote actions in consideration of the TCFD's long-term view of climate change risks
  4. 4Update the BCP together with revising risks

CSR Report 2020

The CSR Report provides more detailed information on FY 2019 initiatives.