Human Rights

Policies Related to Human Rights

In the respect for human rights and prohibition of discrimination provision of the CSR Code of Conduct for Zeon Group, we strive to be a company that is understanding and accepting of diverse values and where no one is discriminated against based on gender, age, nationality, or other attribute.

Zeon Corporation's CSR Code of Conduct (excerpt)

(Respect for human rights and prohibition of discrimination)

We will make efforts to maintain a sound working environment at all times, respect the human rights of each individual, and not engage in any act that may lead to discrimination.

  1. 1We will not commit unlawful discrimination based on birth, nationality, race, ancestry, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, preference, academic history or any other characteristic.
  2. 2We will not force business operations through violence, jeering, abusing, smearing and threatening behavior, nor will we infringe upon human rights through bullying and other such acts.
  3. 3We will not engage in child labor and forced labor nor will we purchase any product manufactured through such labor.

In August 2019, we established the Zeon Group Human Rights Policy, which sets forth respect for human rights and prohibits discrimination, and are striving to create a mutually accepting company that does not tolerate discrimination based on gender, age, nationality, or other attribute and understands diverse values.

Zeon Group Human Rights Policy (Established August 2019)

We, the Zeon Group, are committed to fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities in respect of human rights and contributing to realizing a sustainable society, based on international codes of conduct on human rights, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights in Labor, and the UN Global Compact.

Respect for Human Rights
We will not tolerate acts of discrimination or harassment based on age, gender, place of origin, ancestry, nationality, disability, religion, creed, marital status, employment status, union participation, political views and other differences. We also will not tolerate child labor, forced labor or/nor unjustly low wage labor.

Collaboration with Stakeholders
We will encourage our customers and business partners to support this policy with us to pursue business activities sharing respect for human rights.

Prevention and Mitigation of Human Rights Violations
We will strive to perceive, avoid and reduce any negative impact on human rights that might result from our business activities.

Response to Human Rights Violations
We will work on the relief through appropriate procedures when it is found that we have caused or furthered a negative impact on human rights.

Efforts on Human Rights Issues
We will provide appropriate education and training to our executives and employees, so that this policy is understood and implemented.

Disclosure of Information
We will publicly disclose information on our human rights initiatives under this policy through communication channels such as our website and corporate reports.

Targets and Results

Enterprise Blueprint for 2020
To meet the expectations of society
Details of current activities
(■: Completed, △: Ongoing)
Future initiatives and targets

Sharing respect for human rights within Zeon Group and in the supply chain

  • The section on respect for the Zeon Group Human Rights Policy has been shared with all Zeon Group companies and Zeon Group business partners, and compliance with the prohibitions on child labor and forced labor are confirmed

■ Become signatory to the United Nations Global Compact
■ Establish the Zeon Group Human Rights Policy
△ Continue conducting CSR education including holding CSR informational sessions and confirming understanding through e-learning

  1. 1Promote activities aligned with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and the Zeon Group Human Rights Policy throughout Zeon Group

CSR Report 2020

The CSR Report provides more detailed information on FY 2019 initiatives.