Labor Practices

Creating a Comfortable Working Environments-Basic Approach and Initiatives

In our CSR Code of Conduct, we stipulate respect for human rights and prohibit discrimination. We strive to be a company that understands and accepts diverse values, and where no person is discriminated against based on gender, age, nationality, or other attribute.

Based on this policy, we aim to encourage employees to continually evolve by pursuing high goals based on independent thinking, by building a human resource system in which employees take on challenges without fear of failure and gain a sense of accomplishment, and by creating a comfortable working environment that values dialogue.

  • *At Zeon, we use "employee" to describe all workers, including both permanent and part-time workers.
Basic Approach and Initiatives

Safety Philosophy

Responsible Care refers to a voluntary initiative by businesses that manufacture or handle chemical substances to achieve continuous improvement in health, safety, and environmental (HSE) performance across the entire life cycle of such substances-from development and manufacture, through distribution and use, and ending in final consumption or disposal-based on the principles of independent decision-making and personal responsibility. These businesses publicly commit to Responsible Care in their business policies, implement HSE-related activities, and strive to improve HSE performance.

At Zeon, we have practiced the Responsible Care philosophy as a member of the Japan Responsible Care Council (now the Japan Chemical Industry Association Responsible Care Committee) since its inception in 1995. In 1998 we formulated our own Responsible Care Policy, which lays out a list of concrete goals for implementing Responsible Care.

We formulated our Safety Philosophy in 1997 to guide our safety activities.

Safety Philosophy (established March 1997)
  1. 1Safety is the foundation of all business activities and the greatest priority
  2. 2Our basic belief regarding safety is that we can prevent all accidents
  3. 3Safety will be achieved by performing the 5S's* and when everyone takes responsibility for their own actions
  • *5S's

    Seiri (sort), seiton (straighten), seisou (scrub), seiketsu (systematize), and shitsuke (sustain)

Targets and Results

Enterprise Blueprint for 2020
To meet the expectations of society
Details of current activities
(■: Completed, △: Ongoing)
Future initiatives and targets

Balancing individuals’ work and private life

  • Balance is achieved between individuals’ work and personal life.
  • Create workplace environments in which people are motivated to perform by promoting diversity, implementing fair hiring and personnel systems, and encouraging dialogue

■ Introduce flex-time systems
■ Advancement of measures to support raising the next generation
■ Childcare support systems (shortened working hours, overtime restrictions and exemptions, sick care leave, working daycare hours, etc.)
△ Return-to-work program for employees taking childcare and caregiving leave
△ Active hiring of women, non-Japanese employees
△ Implementation of employment for people with disabilities
△ Support for employee skills and career development
△ Initiatives for harassment prevention
△ MD Committee activities by women members

FY 2019 results
Percentage of employees with disabilities: 2.01%

  1. 1Further pursue dynamic work styles
  2. 2Create an environment that encourages taking of child and family care leave
  3. 3Introduce a work-from-home system
  4. 4Promote diversity-oriented management
    • Further expand employment not tied to gender, nationality, race, age, disability, or other attribute
    • Appoint more women employees to higher positions
    • Initiatives to prevent harassment and improve communication competence
    • Advance employment of older persons
  5. 5Develop an educational system and expanded curriculum

Promise of feelings of reward, safety, and security at work

  • Health management
    Place priority on individuals' physical and mental well-being, and support improved health
  • Disaster prevention
    All worksites have earned public trust by maintaining a safety record of zero incidents and accidents
  • Safety education
  • Health management
    △ Promotion of health management
  • Ensure labor hours management to prevent excessive work
  • Provide guidance on improving lifestyle habits and stress checks
  • Disaster prevention
    △ Conduct emergency drills and other initiatives such as concluding disaster cooperation agreements
    △ Implement the Safety Management Improvement Master Plan
    △ Fully implement deterioration countermeasures and identify foolproof measures, and horizontally implement measures arising from cases of accidents at other companies and plants
    △ Eliminate safety incidents: Regularly conduct plant safety evaluations and audits
  • Safety education
    △ Provide education to enhance accident prevention awareness, including education using accident case studies and hands-on training
    △ Promote the 5S's→3S's

FY2019 results

  • Plant safety evaluations conducted 100%
  • Implement RC audits conducted (once/year or more for all 4 plants)
  • Eliminate safety incidents: 6 safety incidents
  • Eliminate occupational accidents: 2 occupational accidents resulting in lost work time
  • Zero serious accidents without lost work time
  • Improve safety in logistics: 0 accidents in logistics
  • Health management
    1. 1Further promotion of health and productivity management (Continue to be selected as a White 500 company, enhance mental health education, implement further health promotion initiatives)
  • Disaster prevention
    1. 1Implement four safety activities conducted throughout Zeon Group in the supply chain
  • Safety education
    1. 1Implement the safety education and 3S's conducted throughout Zeon Group in the supply chain

CSR Report 2020

The CSR Report provides more detailed information on FY 2019 initiatives.