Basic Approach

We plan various activities related to supporting reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake and shared projects that are conducted across multiple plants and subsidiaries. Furthermore, plants and subsidiaries also conduct their own independent projects. We are developing activities in these three broad categories with a focus on their synergistic benefits.

Targets and Results

Enterprise Blueprint for 2020
To meet the expectations of society
Details of current activities
(■: Completed, △: Ongoing)
Future initiatives and targets

Active promotion of volunteer activities

△ Volunteer tour supporting reconstruction of the Tohoku region
△ Upgrade and enhance the system for promoting volunteer activities (Volunteer leave system)
△ Introduce volunteer activities and promote and support participation in them (volunteering to support reconstruction from earthquakes, etc.)
△ Donations and charity activities (Japan Platform, Red Cross, etc.)

  1. 1Raise employee awareness for social contributions
    • Conduct CSR education including CSR informational sessions
    • Establish a social contribution policy for the entire Zeon Group (e.g., on water)
  2. 2Create a system to support volunteering (volunteer registration system, etc.)
  3. 3Find opportunities for social contributions from exchanges with local councils of social welfare, nongovernmental organizations, and nonprofit organizations

Building positive relations through activities to foster coexistence with local communities

△ Develop CSR Core Projects (social contribution activities by Group as a whole, among locations, and at individual worksites)
△ Maintain good community relations and have community exchanges

  • Sponsor and participate in community festivals and events including summer festivals at plants
  • Community cleanup activities
  • Plant tours (receive plant visitors, internships)
  1. 1Develop the CSR Core Projects based on a defined Zeon Group activity policy Review social contribution activities (Whether to revise the recipients or the targets, and in the case of the targets, revise from the viewpoint of contributing to the 17 SDGs)
  2. 2Maintain and expand exchanges with local communities
  3. 3Through dialogue with stakeholders including local communities, identify expectations from society, the current level of meeting those expectations, and set targets

Business continuity

  • Independent business continuity management (BCM) activities (establishing a BCM system, periodically revising BCM through drills and other means, etc.) are conducted throughout the Zeon Group, and have become established and reinforced
  1. 1Continue reinforcing and exploration efforts in the Research and Development Division and business divisions

CSR Report 2020

The CSR Report provides more detailed information on FY 2019 initiatives.