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Support for Combining Work and Childcare

All female employees who have given birth take child-care leave. One male employee took childcare leave in fiscal 2005, 2007, 2010, and 2011, and two males took leave in fiscal 2014.

Action plan for Employers in General under the Law for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation

  • くるみん

Based on Japan's Law for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation, we have drawn up an action plan for employers and report our activities to relevant authorities. In the first term (April 2010 – March 2014), the targets were achieved within the planned period and we received the Kurumin Mark from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, which is awarded to companies that support childrearing.We are working to achieve the new action plan.

Zeon Corporation's Action Plan for Employers in General

In order to more fully promote the establishment of an environment where each and every employee can display their abilities to the fullest, we have formulated the following action plan, as we believe that it is important to create an atmosphere and a workplace environment that combines work and childcare.

  1. Target period: The three-year period from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2017
  2. Details:
    Objective 1:
    We will promote the creation of an environment that facilitates the use of compatibility support.
    The support system guidebook will reflect details of revisions to the system as necessary.
    We will provide support by, for example, promoting support plans to managers and by offering consultations.
    Objective 2:
    Initiatives to develop an environment of compatibility support.
    We will work to provide information and develop a consultation system in order to ensure the health of female employees during pregnancy and after childbirth (after a period of absence).
    Objective 3:
    At least one male employee will take childcare leave during the target period of this plan.
    We will create a comfortable work environment and streamline the system to make it easier for male employees to take childcare leave.

Programs and Efforts to Realize Comfortable Working Environments

We are always striving to build more comfortable working environments. These efforts include reducing overtime work, implementing flexible working practices, and instituting systems to support childbirth, childcare, and family care.

Flexible working practices Flex-time, discretionary work hours scheme for specialist and management-related work, special holiday encouragement days, half-day holidays, no-overtime days, self-improvement activities, training for managerial and supervisory staff, survey of actual conditions, instruction form for out of hours work, labor/management committee, labor/management patrol
Support for combining work and childcare Maternity leave before and after birth, childcare/caregiver leave system, leave to attend delivery, leave to care for a sick child, half-day leave (applicable to childcare and caregiver), part-time work system, limits on out-of-hours work and elimination of late night work, breast feeding time, childcare/caregiver leave support payment system, childbirth cash payment
Health and welfare Asset accumulation Employees' savings scheme (incentives for retirement savings), employee share scheme (with financial incentives), defined-contribution (DC) pension
Housing assistance Housing assistance system (dormitory and company housing, rent subsidy system, home ownership allowance, home rental for employees on transfer), housing loan system
Marriage Marriage cash payment, honeymoon leave, spouse allowance
Childbirth Childbirth cash payment, maternity leave, dependents and tuition allowances
Holidays and business shutdown Carry-over of holiday entitlements, my-life holidays, refresh holidays (Master employees), public-service leave (jury duty)
Recreation facilities, training site Hakone Gora Facility, Izu Ippeki Facility
Loans and self-help Bereavement condolence payment, bereavement leave, study loan, disaster assistance, group medical insurance, compensation for absence from work (Zeon health insurance cooperative association), optional group insurance, group life insurance, etc.

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