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Employment information

Positions Administrative
Sales, business planning and management, corporate planning and management, purchasing, logistics, personnel, accounting, legal affairs, etc.

R&D, production technology, plant engineering, precision molding and processing technology, etc.
Salary Starting salary for FY2016 (actual figures)
 Graduate with a bachelor's degree: ¥216,400/month
 Graduate with a master's degree: ¥231,450/month
 Graduate with a PhD: ¥285,500/month(Including discretionary work allowance)
Allowances Commuting allowance (full amount), housing allowance, family allowance, etc.
Salary Increase Once a year (in April)
Bonuses Twice a year (in June and December)
Work Locations Head office, research laboratories, plants, offices and other locations as well as business locations and affiliated companies in Japan and abroad Assignments at affiliated companies are regarded as temporary transfers.
Temporary transfers include assignments at the following Zeon Group companies:
 Zeon Kasei Co., Ltd.
 Zeon F&B Co., Ltd.
 Zeon Medical Inc.
 Zeon Polymix Inc.
 Optes Inc.
Working Hours Flextime system
  • Average working hours: 7 hours, 40 minutes/day
  • Average core working hours
    Head office: 9:00–17:30
    Laboratories and plants: 8:30–17:10
    (Core working hours differ according to work location)
Holidays and Vacation Time Five-day work week system (Holidays: Saturdays and Sundays, public holidays, year-end/New Year holidays, anniversary of corporate founding, Golden Week holidays, summer holidays, childbirth leave, special leave for weddings and funerals, etc.)
  • Annual holidays: 123 days; maximum annual paid leave: 22 days
  • Employees are required to work on several Saturdays per year so they do not exceed the allowed number of holidays.
Benefit Programs
  • Social insurance programs (insurance for health, welfare, employment, industrial accident compensation)
  • Property accumulation programs: property accumulation savings, housing loans, employee stock ownership plan
  • Housing facilities: company housing, dormitory, rent subsidy program
  • Recreational facilities: located in Izu and Hakone
Other Programs Leave programs: Childcare leave and nursing care leave Educational programs: Induction education and training for new recruits, six-month follow-up training for new recruits, global human resource development, IT training, specialty education, skills training, study abroad program and tuition assistance program, subsidy program for distance learning, etc.
Others: Health insurance union, welfare association, etc.
Academic Requirements Administrative Positions
Applicants can be graduates in any area of study

Technical Positions
Proficiency in one of the following areas: chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, electric/electronic engineering, management engineering
Educational Background of Employees Graduates of national, public and private universities located throughout Japan, and overseas universities

Recruitment Procedures

Application Method Please submit your application via the "Rikunabi WEB Entry" site.
Selection Method Paper screening, interviews, written test (SPI)
Selection Criteria Personality is important in our recruitment policy. The selection process will proceed after we meet applicants directly to determine their personalities.


The Recruitment Officer Human Resources Group, Human Resources Department Email: Reception Desk, Shin Marunouchi Center Building 14F, 1-6-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8246, Japan Transportation

  • Japan Railway: Tokyo Station, Marunouchi North Exit (direct access via underground passage)
  • Marunouchi Line: Tokyo Station, Marunouchi North Exit (direct access via underground passage)
  • Tozai Line: Otemachi Station (direct access via underground passage)

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