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Empowered by a broad-minded work environment, I’m giving my all as a novice female manager.印刷用ページ

Reason for joining ZEON and the early years

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Zeon provides a supportive environment for women that enables me to develop my accounting and finance skills.

I entered the world of work soon after the “Act on Securing, etc. of Equal Opportunity and Treatment between Men and Women in Employment” came into force. At the time, very few companies were truly welcoming women into the workforce. Looking for a good company, I read the experiences of former students at the employment bureau in my college and saw a comment mentioning Zeon as a place where women are able to shine. Intrigued, I attended the company’s recruitment presentation and met female employees who spoke proudly about their jobs. Since the company was clearly a place where I could work and be true to myself, I decided to join.
I was assigned to the Human Resources Department where I was responsible for recruitment and personnel work for about six years. I was then given accounting work at a recently spun-off equipment company. Math was not among my strengths, so I wasn’t sure whether or not I could handle accounting. I had no choice but to study hard to meet the requirements of my job. I gradually learned about simple bookkeeping and then qualified as an accounting controller for the construction industry. After that, I was transferred to the head office’s accounting department to gain experience in accounting for sales, and then assigned to handle funding in the finance department. Now, jobs related to accounting, finance and money – positions for which my skills had once been weak – are parts of my career. Life is certainly interesting!
In autumn 2011, I was given the assignment I’m currently working on in the Material Procurement Department. And in 2013, I became a manager and have taken on new responsibilities.

Current work

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I consider better quality and lower prices thoroughly when making purchasing decisions for laboratory equipment and plants.

The Material Purchasing Department procures all sorts of materials and equipment for the company, including machines and equipment used in research and at its production facilities, and it also contracts work out for plant construction. We receive quotations from machinery manufacturers and construction firms in consultation with site managers, decide on a purchasing method after obtaining company investment approval, and place orders.
While experts in the respective divisions are entrusted with the technical assessment of machinery and equipment specification, the Material Purchasing Department makes decisions on the actual purchases, including the supplier, transaction arrangements and price. Because we undertake all negotiations with suppliers, bargaining and coordination skills are required in addition to general knowledge of procurement operations.
The company’s factories use many specialized machines, some of which are manufactured only by certain makers or built to order. To ensure we obtain better goods at lower prices, we review the appropriateness of the quoted price, as well as options for more favorable terms, using various information.
Many people may claim that buying is easier than selling. Certainly not! Shaving even one percent off the purchase of equipment valued at several ten billion yen can reduce the cost by several hundred million yen. So, determining the right price is a high-pressure responsibility.
I was appointed to the manager position in 2013. This has been my first experience in having subordinates and managing an organization. When I was younger, I thought managers were versed in every job, far above my capabilities. But in my current role as a manager, I don’t feel that I’m much different from a new recruit in the sense that there’s never any end to learning.

Dreams of the future, life outside my job, and a message

Beyond simply pursuing utilization of a female workforce, I want to encourage younger women who are making efforts to achieve their goals for work and life.

There are still very few female managers. One of my key roles is to serve as a trail blazer for human resources coming up behind me. I don’t feel right about overdoing it, even if I didn’t initially believe that I’d continue working at the company until retirement age. However, I’ve been able to get through various life events, including marrying and having a child, with the cooperation and consideration of those around me who help me to confirm my decisions.
Zeon Corporation is a broad-minded company and assigns jobs equally to men and women. I have never experienced any special challenges at work related to being a woman. It’s up to each one of you to think through and decide how you want to work and live. In that context, I cheer on every woman who makes the effort.
Now that my daughter has grown up and my husband has been assigned to a position away from home, I have a lot of spare time for extending my network of contacts far beyond the company.
Some years ago I formed “Mama Joggers” with other friends who have children. We enjoy jogging the loop around the Imperial Palace at least once a month. Every day, I feel satisfied, in both my work and private life.

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