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Reason for joining ZEON and the early years

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I hope to continue working at Zeon, which retains the advantages of Japanese management and a pleasant working environment.

I am from Thailand. I came to Japan after graduating from high school to attend a Japanese language school, and I also studied international economics at a university. I went on to graduate school to study the business management of Japanese companies before joining Zeon.
Having studied Japanese companies, I wanted to find a job at a Japanese manufacturer with a branch in Thailand. I appreciate Japanese-style management, through which a company values its employees, who work with a sense of pride and responsibility. Although this style of management is gradually disappearing, it’s still being practiced by traditional manufacturers.
After visiting many companies, I found Zeon had the friendliest atmosphere. Since I was seeking long-term employment, just as the Japanese do, I thought the best company would be the one where employees share good relationships. And in this regard it seemed to me that Zeon would be the best.
After four months of training, I was assigned to the Accounting Group. I had hoped to work in labor management in the human resources division, but accounting was recommended to me as an effective way to come to know the fundamentals of the company, so I decided to take on the challenge.

Current work

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I advise business divisions as their assigned accounting representative.
I have been impressed by the company’s thorough training and support.

I currently handle accounting for the Synthetic Rubber and C5 Chemicals Divisions. I am mainly responsible for checking pay slips and settling travel expenses. Pay slips are processed by staff members in each business division, while travel expenses are settled by each employee, and my job is to review these processes and provide advice and guidance for those involved. Which is the correct account title for this expense? Could this accounting decision cause any tax-related problems? Accounting requires much more consideration and decisions than one might imagine. I have many opportunities to interact with different people and offer advice like a consultant, which I enjoy doing.
Knowledge is necessary for providing advice. I passed the third-grade bookkeeping test in my first year with the company. Japanese bookkeeping and accounting terminology is not so difficult once you’ve learned it. However, it requires a lot of effort to understand the specific details of accounting standards and corporate rules. The certification I obtained represents a basic level qualification, so I feel I should study harder toward attaining a higher level.
I’m glad I chose Zeon, because of the company’s extensive support system. Senior employees lead frequent study group sessions, and everyone responds to your questions and provides immediate support whenever you make a mistake. The company is so thoughtful that I sometimes wonder if being paid in addition to receiving such valuable training is appropriate.
I feel the only response to this level of company care is to work hard. And Zeon balances its concern for employees with a tough competitive stance, so I’m committed to doing my work with aspirations.

Dreams of the future, life outside my job, and a message

Accounting is an international skill, enabling me to look beyond Thailand toward a successful global career.

My goal is to strengthen my professional foundations by acquiring more extensive accounting skills as well as expert knowledge. Also, I want to learn English and be sent on business trips to our overseas plants and branches. Most trips abroad involve accompanying certified public accountants, and someone without advanced knowledge and language skills could end up holding the others back.
Zeon entrusts even new employees with important assignments, so rapid personal growth is achievable. It’s a great company for someone who wants to grow. Even in accounting, the number of overseas assignments is increasing, so I think you’ll be able to work at a global scale in any division.
While job hunting, I was looking for a company with a branch in Thailand, but now I don’t intend to return to Thailand. I would happily accept a company assignment there, but my hope right now is to demonstrate my skills in other locations, without specific preference for any country or region, whether it be Thailand, Japan, the United States or Europe. I think that from now on, Japanese and exchange students should consider working on the global stage after they graduate.

Home> Careers> Zeon employees and their work> Accounting jobs can transcend borders much like other professions
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