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Zeon's Corporate Culture

We maintain an open-minded corporate culture that delegates responsibility and eagerly takes on challenges.

Active investment in R&D reflects the spirit of unanimously opposing conventional ideas, which is always a good place to start


Zeon's spirit of challenge is sustained by its unwavering management stance of making significant investments in R&D and new areas of technology and of placing high value on the imaginative ideas of its employees.

For example, the development of optical plastics was unprecedented at the international level. The entire project, from development to sales, was entrusted to a young employee who was not yet 30 years old at the time. The company decided to place its faith in the possibilities presented by the product, and a production line was set up even before customers had been secured. When we took up the challenge of turning this resin into film by applying the unconventional extrusion method, we confronted a chorus of opposition from the industry and analysts. Zeon management nevertheless decided that anything faced with unanimous opposition is definitely worth pursuing. The result was the creation of an optical film the world had never seen before.

Taking a resolute stand against imitating anyone's work is akin to the powerful determination to accept risk.

Because this mindset is shared by everyone at Zeon, from top management to new hires, we have been able to pass on a corporate culture from generation to generation that is defined by a positive, proactive approach and exemplifies mutual respect and cooperation.

The president and new staff engage in casual conversation, representing a wellspring of communication that leads to decisive action

One event that aptly symbolizes Zeon's corporate culture is the monthly President's Hearing, in which top management visits the Research and Development Center to hear young employees report on their latest research results. During these sessions, newly hired employees also have the opportunity to present their findings to the president and directors. And decisions are often made on the spot with comments such as "That sounds interesting; let's go ahead with it" or "Let's look into other possibilities." This readiness to move forward quickly is another unique characteristic of Zeon.

These formal sessions are followed by informal interaction, when everyone takes part in candid conversations, regardless of rank or professional background. This same atmosphere can be observed in all of Zeon's workplaces. When someone raises a question, someone else offers an answer, and at times heated debates may ensue over a technical issue. More often than not, however, the participants will walk away satisfied once a conclusion has been reached, and may even say: "That was a good discussion; now let's go out for a drink."

Major projects are entrusted to sales and clerical staff as well as engineers while they are still young. In addition, all employees are eligible to participate in the ZΣ System, which rewards excellent proposals for improving operations. More than 5,000 of these proposals are registered each year, and a significant number of them lead to improvements.

Zeon is sometimes described as a major SME (small- and medium-sized enterprise). We are a company that invests around 12 billion yen in R&D every year, with more than 2,900 group employees in over 10 countries and regions around the world, yet we are able to quickly introduce unique materials to niche markets.

All of us play a leading role and support one another to see things through to completion in our challenge globally– this is Zeon.

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