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The World of Zeon – Technology

Creating "One and Only" Products that Cannot be Matched

Zeon provides innovative products to the world with its proprietary technologies s

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Zeon's aim is to create products based on unique, innovative technologies that do not imitate and cannot be imitated." Originally founded as Japan's first PVC (polyvinyl chloride resin) maker, Zeon Corporation was the first Japanese company to manufacture synthetic rubber. Over its 60-year history, Zeon has introduced countless products that have been recognized as first and/or best in the world.

For example, the company captured the top global share in synthetic rubbers. These unique products account for more than half of its sales owing to the materials' excellent oil and heat resistance made possible by integrating Zeon's proprietary expertise. Most of the rubber components used around Japanese car engines are made using these materials.

Zeon's fast-growing specialty materials business was launched when the company became the first in the world to develop optical resins that could be used in place of glass. Today, every mobile phone has at least one camera lens made using our ZEONEX<sup>&reg;</sup> resin.

The company also commands the top global share for many other materials and products in other, lesser-known areas. These include paints used for pavement markings, such as those found at pedestrian crossings, and aroma chemicals with the same molecular compositions as their natural counterparts.

Zeon's technology and products contain virtually infinite potential for businesses that are ready to take off.

From materials to manufacturing processes – making the impossible possible with a wealth of expertise

In 2001, Zeon accomplished a feat that many film makers had given up on as impossible when it successfully manufactured optical film using the extrusion method. This breakthrough, achieved by non-specialists in film domain, led to a sea change in the global market for films used in LCD displays. The innovative film has continued to evolve ever since and remains unrivaled in the world's No. 1 spot.

Creating "one and only" products requires more than R&D capabilities; it also involves harnessing all of the company's capabilities, such as responsiveness at the manufacturing site and the ability to accurately perceive market trends.
In addition to Zeon's wealth of experience and expertise, including lessons learned through failure, we enjoy a corporate culture that is distinguished by the company's spirit of challenge and its robust heart that never misses a beat At the end of the day, Zeon's greatest asset lies in the strength of our aspirations.

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