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Zeon's Business

Zeon makes the Future Today through the Power of Chemistry

Providing unique products by using petroleum to its full potential Zeon derives its name from the Greek words "geo" (the Earth) and "eon" (eternity).

In keeping with its name, Zeon upholds the corporate philosophy of contributing to the sustainable development of people, society and the global environment through innovative world-class technologies for the preservation of the Earth and the prosperity of the human race.

Our R&D efforts have been primarily focused on C4 and C5 fractions (hydrocarbon molecules with either four or five carbon atoms), which are produced by further distillation of naphtha after its extraction from crude oil.
To make maximum use of petroleum, we thoroughly separate and refine this gift of the Earth using one of the world’s most advanced distillation plants, developed with proprietary technologies. We then extract components for high-quality materials that are used to create unique products.

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Opening up future possibilities in niche domains

Zeon's research focuses on highly specialized niche domains. Materials generated by our research, however, can be found in a broad range of everyday products such as hoses and packing as well as tires and other automotive products" (synthetic rubbers); rubber gloves (latex); various types of adhesive tapes and disposable diapers (adhesives); mobile phone and smartphone camera lenses (COP resin); and optical films for LCD TVs and mobile phones (ZeonorFilm).

Many of these products owe their very existence or current state of advance to new materials Zeon has developed. We always aim to be the first and best in the world, even in niche domains. We also open up new solutions for meeting customer needs by taking on the most difficult challenges and developing opportunities in previously unexplored domains. And we believe our consistent approach is what gives Zeon its value.

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