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Zeon makes the Future Today through the Power of Chemistry.

Providing unique products by using petroleum to its full potential
ZEON derives its name from the Greek words "geo" (the Earth) and "eon" (eternity).

In keeping with its name, ZEON upholds the corporate philosophy of contributing to the sustainable development of people, society and the global environment through innovative world-class technologies for the preservation of the Earth and the prosperity of the human race.

Project 01 Creating a market for an innovative material – ZEONEX

  • Masayoshi Oshima (currently an executive corporate officer)

We created a brand-new type of plastic.
The downside – there was no market for it.

Project 02 Revolutionizing optical film manufacturing

  • Kohei Arakawa (currently a senior corporate officer)

An outsider in film manufacturing turns conventional wisdom on its head by making an "absolutely impossible" melt extrusion process a reality.

Home> Careers> About ZEON
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