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Privacy Policy (Basic corporate principles for the protection of Personal Information)

Zeon Corporation (“Zeon”) acknowledges that legitimate protection of Personal Information is one of the important social responsibilities in running its business. To comply with this, Zeon pledges to handle Personal Information in accordance with the basic corporate principles hereunder:

1. Complaisance with the laws for the protection of Personal Information

Zeon will comply with the rules and regulation by laws and shall handle Personal Information appropriately and legitimately

2. When acquiring Personal Information

Zeon will acquire Personal Information by means of appropriate and legitimate manner and limit to use such information within the scope of business purposes.

3. Disclosure of Personal Information to third parties

Zeon will not disclose or provide Personal information to a third party without consent of the individual to whom the information relates unless otherwise legally enforced to do so.

4. Data security measure for Private Information

Zeon will place a proper security measure to prevent Personal Information from any leakages, losses, manipulations or any means of unauthorized access.

5. Continuous improvement to protect Private Information

Zeon will continuously strive to improve and revise the policy to protect Personal Information when and where required.

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