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October 2, 2018


Zeon Corporation (head office: Tokyo, president: Kimiaki Tanaka) announced it will expand the production capacity of the ZeonorFilm Optical Film manufacturing line at its plant in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, Japan. Operations are scheduled to start in October 2019.

Zeon’s melt-extruded film (ZeonorFilm) is the first optical film in the world to be successfully produced using the melt extrusion process, and the thermoplastic (cyclo-olefin polymers) developed with Zeon’s unique polymer design technology. The film is used in the manufacture of various mobile device displays.

ZeonorFilm possesses excellent optical characteristics, and extremely little dimensional change, specific characteristics of cyclo-olefin polymers, so demand is rising in mobile devices and large-screen TV applications which require high definition displays.

To meet this growing demand, Zeon is bolstering production capacity for ZeonorFilm optical film by expanding production at the Hokuriku Plant (Takaoka site) of Optes Inc., the Zeon Group’s manufacturing subsidiary, where operations are scheduled to begin in October 2019.

Optes Inc.’s Hokuriku Plant (Takaoka site) Optes Inc.’s Hokuriku Plant (Takaoka site)

About Zeon

Zeon Corporation is a world leader in specialty elastomers, polymers, and specialty chemicals founded in 1950. We are one of the top producers of polymers in the world, operating a global network of plants in Asia and North America, and research and development laboratories in Japan, the United States, China, and Singapore.

With almost 70 years in business and consolidated sales of over U.S. $2.9 billion, we have both the experience and the expertise in C4 and C5 chemistry to offer a wide range of products. Zeon Corporation employs over 3,300 people worldwide, with global headquarters in Tokyo and regional headquarters in the United States, Singapore, and Germany.

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