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October 9, 2014

ZEON CORPORATION (President: Kimiaki Tanaka) will begin expanding production of fluorinated solvent ZEORORA-H in China, which will boost the company’s annual production capacity to 300 tons*1.

Among fluorinated solvents that do not contain chlorine, ZEORORA-H is recognized as an excellent solvent for machining oils and fluorinated functional polymers, with a relatively high boiling point that significantly reduces vaporization loss, making it instrumental in lowering running costs.

In Japan, production of the ozone-depleting substance HCFC-225 will be completely abolished by 2020, creating growing demand for alternative solvents with superior environmental characteristics. ZEORORA-H is a proprietary cyclic fluorine-containing solvent without chlorine, so it does not deplete the ozone layer. It has a minimal Global Warming Potential*2 and is not listed as a target substance of any existing environmental regulations.

In other developments, the American Conference of Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) has lowered the threshold limit value for brominated detergents to 0.1 ppm or less, while Japan has added major chlorinated solvents to the list of specified chemical substances under its Industrial Safety and Health Law, as global occupational safety regulations covering cleansing solvents become even more stringent. Consequently, ZEORORA-H is expected to play an important role as an alternative solvent.

Under these circumstances, ZEON has established a mass production system at a consigned manufacturer in China’s Shaanxi Province to meet future growth in demand for alternative detergents and coating solvents, and will launch full-scale sales this autumn.

ZEON will continue harnessing its unique technologies to develop products that contribute to preserving the global environment and creating a sustainable society.

*1 Capable of further expansion in response to demand
*2 GWP is a numerical value representing the potential global warming effect of a greenhouse gas in comparison with carbon dioxide.

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