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January 6, 2014

ZEON CORPORATION (President: Kimiaki Tanaka) has begun marketing ZEONEX® 5000 for medical packaging as the newest grade of plastic in its line of ZEONEX® Cyclo-Olefin Polymers, a high-transparency thermoplastic resin.

In addition to optical applications, ZEONEX® is widely used in medical packaging including vials and pre-filled syringes that benefit from its high moisture barrier, transparency, chemical resistance and low absorption.

We introduced ZEONEX® 5000 to the market after significantly enhancing its mechanical characteristics, such as tensile elongation and impact strength, compared to other ZEONEX® grades. We also improved its heat sealing properties by optimizing the material’s softening point, which has subsequently allowed for its use in the production of soft packaging for medical products such as soft infusion bags.

Demand has continued to grow for the high-transparency thermoplastic Cyclo-Olefin Polymers ZEONEX® and ZEONOR® for optical applications, including laser printers, digital cameras, diagnostic imaging, and consumer electronic devices. ZEONEX® and ZeonorFilm® have also expanded its presence in mobile devices, such as smartphone and tablet, for LCD display, camera micro-lens, and antenna applications. Continuing the practice of producing world-class, high performance polymer materials, the latest addition to the line of ZEONEX® products for use in medical applications will meet the increasingly diverse requirements for medical packaging and drug delivery systems. In future, ZEON will continue offering new product ideas to proactively and quickly address market needs.

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Home> Press Release> Press Release (2014)> ZEON Begins Marketing ZEONEX® 5000 for Medical Packaging
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