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March 31, 2011

TOKYO, JAPAN . ZEON CORPORATION's new process solvent, Cyclopentyl methyl ether (CPME) was awarded the Profiles in Sustainability award in the Product category at one of the largest fine chemical exhibition, InformexUSA 2011 held in Charlotte, North Carolina on February 8th, 2011. It has been confirmed that CPME contributes to Sustainability.

CPME makes a quite clear separation of water phase and organic phase because it is not miscible with water, which means CPME is easy to recover and reuse. In consequence, CPME can reduce waste water and waste solvents as well as total amount of solvents used. Accordingly, carbon dioxide emissions and variable cost can be also decreased. Another important property of CPME is low peroxide formation. CPME thus contributes to Sustainability.

Also, CPME can be used not only as a reaction solvent but also as an extraction solvent and a crystallization solvent. This means that CPME can save time and simplify overall production processes, which results in process innovations and cost reductions.

ZEON began commercial production of CPME in 2005. After that, adoptions of CPME have been steadily increasing in pharmaceutical industry as well as electronic and fragrance ones, being used as an alternative to traditional ether solvents. This award would be conductive for the further growth of CPME demand. We declare continuous contribution to the progress of chemical industry and global environmental protection through market penetration of CPME.

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