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July 22, 2004

ZEON Logistical Materials Co., Ltd. (2-4-1 Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Hitoshi Ozawa), a subsidiary of ZEON Corporation (2-6-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Naozumi Furukawa), has significantly contributed to streamlining logistics across a range of industries through the development and sales of custom-made, simplified folding returnable containers (Trademark: STEC) designed and manufactured in accordance with user needs. In July, the company began marketing STEC-NL S Type, an innovative product made of corrugated plastic to satisfy the demand for both reduced weight and greater load capacity toward significantly improving efficiency.

STEC, the company's core product, features the following characteristics:
(1) Easily folded and assembled; folded height is approximately 1/4 of the assembled height
(2)Storage efficiency when folded significantly reduces collection costs and space required for storage
(3)Collection and reuse of the container helps reduce costs and waste, while encouraging recycling of resources
(4)Can be repaired and replaced on a unit-by-unit basis, thereby maintaining optimum storage condition.

The new S Type also exhibits these additional characteristics:
(1)With a weight of 50 kg per cubic meter, S Type is 35% lighter than conventional STEC containers, for dramatically improved work efficiency
(2)More than 1.5 times stronger than competing corrugated plastic containers in terms of compression load performance, and can withstand approximately 2.5 tons of compression load
(3)Categorized as a green procurement material to comply with the needs of many users.

By embodying the company's "people-friendly specifications" design concept, ZEON Logistical Materials expects this new returnable container to be adopted in diverse industries and fields, from electronic and information industries to food, oil and fat, beverage, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, and to play an active role in raising economic efficiency and encouraging environmental conservation. The company will continue to develop and introduce simpler folding returnable containers by accurately responding to the logistics needs of every industry.

Supplementary explanation

On July 1, 2003, ZEON Kasei Co., Ltd. (President: Takao Fukushima), a wholly owned subsidiary of ZEON Corporation, spun off the operation of its logistical materials business—one of its core operations—to create an integrated manufacturing and sales company for logistical materials in order to further enhance its presence in the market and to expand and develop its business. ZEON Logistical Materials Co., Ltd. was capitalized at \100 million: 70% from ZEON Kasei and 30% from ZEON Corporation.

STEC facilitates the safe, hygienic transport and storage of raw materials, parts and products, and is available in a variety of types, including: STEC-NX, with excellent dust-proof and leak-proof features and capable of withstanding compression loads of over 10 tons; STEC-FU, with swing-up shelf racks to contain precision parts with complicated shapes without requiring individual packing; STEC-R, which allows the direct loading of rolled-shape products that are otherwise susceptible to damage, by securing them to a roll-fixing plate; STEC-L, for transporting liquid materials; and STEC-P, which incorporates a hopper suitable for the transport and storage of powdered materials.

  • Folded STEC-NL S Type (1/4 of the<br>height of the assembled container) Folded STEC-NL S Type (1/4 of the
    height of the assembled container)

  • STEC-NL S Type Assembled container STEC-NL S Type Assembled container

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