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April 1, 2004

ZEON Corporation regards this new fiscal 2004, staring today April 1st, as a crucial year. For the last several years, the market has seen rapid changes. Demand for materials such as synthetic rubber, synthetic latex, and chemicals, which are our main driving force, has recorded unprecedented growth influenced by the rapid industrial development of new marketplaces such as China and India. In addition, demand for IT related materials, such as specialty plastics and electronic materials is also growing at a tremendous rate, and the market is changing as never before.

In order to respond to this transformation, ZEON Corporation stands by three key phrases: "Speed," "Communication," and "Contributions to Society." Keeping these phrases in mind, we are enthusiastically dedicated to changing the company.

The world markets for liquid crystal display televisions, cell phones with cameras, and digital cameras are booming. In these industries, new products are released once every three to six months, and new innovations are adopted each time.
To keep up with these changes, ZEON constantly conducts research into new materials and parts. The Japanese economy is facing stiff competition from South Korea and Taiwan. ZEON plays an important role in supporting the Japanese economy. If ZEON forges ahead with "Speed," we will strengthen our position for further expansion this fiscal year.

There are exciting developments in the polymer business (synthetic rubber, synthetic latex, and chemicals) and we face the need to develop cutting-edge materials for these important markets on a daily basis. To meet this challenge, we set up a roadmap for producing new products together with our customers, and we develop products within the target period, while sharing the speed of development and attainment of goals with our customers. We must establish solid communications with our plant to be able to timely start production of newly developed materials. ZEON Corporation emphasizes the importance of clear and effective communication between research laboratories, factories, and the sales division, which is the first contact with customers. Similarly, inside the company, we emphasizes the importance of communications between superiors and subordinates.

Contributions to Society
"Contributions to society" means to satisfy all stakeholders, providing our customers with quality products, the community with a safe and reliable environment, shareholders with rising stock prices and increased dividends, and employees with a sense of worth by working for the company.

As I mentioned, ZEON Corporation embraces "Speed," "Communication," and "Contributions to society" as three key phrases and you are all members of this organization.
Every organization has rules. I always tell employees to keep the rules they make and not to make rules they can't keep. Now that you are all members of this organization, I expect you to stick firmly to the rules.
However, such organizations consist of individuals, and improvement of individual ability leads to improvement of the entire organization. Unlike school, there are no teachers to give you lessons in the real world, and I expect you to make efforts on your own to improve your skills. I believe you are young enough to voluntarily do this, along with enjoying the process of developing your ingenuity and becoming a valued member of the ZEON family.

You chose ZEON and ZEON chose you. Since you joined the company in such a crucial year, challenge yourself to become the best possible employee you can be. Never stop striving for excellence.

You are the future of ZEON, and I am confident you will be assets to both our company and society. I wish you the best of luck.

This year, we provided an opportunity after the president's welcome speech for new recruits and executives to continue discussions in a question and answer session.

Here are some of the questions from the new recruits.

  1. What expectations do you have for new recruits this year?
  2. What should new recruits do to become president of the company?
  3. What is the most important belief that you hold as a member of ZEON Corporation?
  4. ZEON Corporation has won the GSC Award. What is ZEON doing about environmental issues?
  5. What strategies, evaluations, and rewards does ZEON have for patents?
  6. What does ZEON Corporation think of R&D investment and strategies for overseas business?
  7. What are the corporate goals of ZEON?

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