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In order to provide safe products to our customers, at Zeon we conduct procurement of raw materials based on our CSR Policy and CSR Code of Conduct.

Policies related to Procurement

Zeon’s policies related to procurement are as follows:
We have been developing a system for CSR procurement since fiscal 2012. We established “CSR Procurement Guidelines” and “Requests to Suppliers,” which integrate a CSR-oriented perspective into our existing QCD*.

* The system for production management that controls and improves quality, cost, and delivery.

CSR Procurement Guidelines
  1. CSR procurement
    We will promote procurement activities that are based on our CSR Policy.
  2. Procurement of optimal raw materials, products, and services
    We will work to procure optimal raw materials, products, and services that meet our standards for quality, cost, delivery time, supply stability, and technological development capabilities in order to provide better products.
  3. Consideration of the global environment
    We will work to procure raw materials and products that have less impact on the global environment.
  4. Open approach to purchasing and partnerships
    We will use a global perspective to search for suppliers from across the world, build partnerships through dialogue, and work to create fair and equitable business opportunities.

Requests to Suppliers

We kindly ask that our suppliers:

  1. Follow corporate ethics and thoroughly implement compliance.
  2. Respect human rights and give consideration to workplace environments.
  3. Give consideration to the environment, and provide safe raw materials, products, and services.
  4. Provide raw materials, products, and services with competitive quality and pricing, and abide by agreed delivery dates.
  5. Actively provide information during the creation of partnerships. Also, implement strict management of information disclosed by Zeon during our transactions. We will implement the same strict management.

Initiatives Related to Procurement

We forbid substances whose handling is prohibited and monitor for the presence of substances governed by laws and the RoHS Directive. We also diligently disclose information on the substances contained in our products.
We implemented a customer survey in fiscal 2013. Looking ahead, we plan to organize our approach to supply chain management and build a system for sharing our CSR policies in order to embed CSR procurement throughout the supply chain.

Targets and Results

Specific Efforts and Targets FY2015 Results Evaluation FY2016 Goals
Determine and understand the state of the CSR procurement guidelines and share with business partners Share information with business partners (through discussions, etc.) ★☆☆ Summarize the approach to supply chain management and establish a framework for sharing CSR policy

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