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Introduction to R&D Center

  • Aerial view of the R&D Center Aerial view of the R&D Center


[Main functions]
Responsible for research and development at Zeon Corporation. Main base in Kawasaki with R&D labs also located in the Takaoka, Mizushima and Tokuyama Plants. By placing R&D labs close to the production plants, it is possible to provide comprehensive service from research to production.

Center Policy (from Center Manager)

  • Director & Senior Corporate<br>Officer Division Manager<br>-Research & Development Center<br>Yoshiyuki Mitsuhira Director & Senior Corporate
    Officer Division Manager
    -Research & Development Center
    Yoshiyuki Mitsuhira

All researchers have CSR awareness as they carry out research in line with the Zeon CSR Policy. In terms of compliance, related laws are strictly observed in all research activities, and the company aims for a highly stimulated and safe research environment that is free from accidents.
For this reason, we held discussions and decided that all employees shall make efforts to raise safety awareness, notice danger and proactively tackle their own health issues as our environmental and safety policy in fiscal 2016.

Safety Initiatives


  • Awareness of safety and health management for all employees
  • Create rules that can be actually kept through ”In fact...” activities
  • Establishment of internal examination committee system to implement new experiments
  • Safety measures using equipment for falling accidents
[Concrete efforts]
These ongoing efforts have been highly recognized, and in July 2015 we received the Kanagawa Labor Bureau Excellence Award.
In fiscal 2016 we will continue to aim to create a safe working environment with no accidents or disasters based on the teaching that “Safety does not exist. Danger is always present.”

Efforts to Reduce Environmental Impact

We will promote activities to reduce environmental impact and maintain zero emissions of industrial waste, and make efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.
[Concrete efforts]

  • We will only emit organic and acidic gas exhausts into the atmosphere after adequate absorption abatement with scrubbers
  • We will separate liquids containing chemical substances into waste containers, etc. and implement appropriate treatment of industrial waste
  • We are continuing zero final landfill amount through thorough separation of waste

Quality Assurance Efforts

In the three years between fiscal 2014 and fiscal 2016, we are advancing quality assurance activities based on the quality assurance policy of “aim to create mechanisms that will facilitate quality assurance even if things change (even if Zeon or the world changes).”

[Concrete efforts]
Quality management using Quality function deployment (3D-QFD)

  • Manage customer demands and the product design and production technology that responds to them by creating a relationship with data
  • Use management data for product design verification and validation, standardization, change management, and technology transfer, etc. by sharing with manufacturing, sales and research
Product safety review (PSR)
Implement a product safety review (PSR) considering the entire product life cycle, and ensure the safety of the product from all sides

Relationship with Employees

[Concrete efforts]

  • Leader education and development
  • Stratified education
  • Common professional skills education
  • Professional education by occupation
  • Appoint instructors and perform man-to-man on-the-job training for new recruits

Living Together with the Local Community

Continuously implement activities that delight local communities such as cleanups and education support.

[Concrete efforts]

  • July 2013: Signed agreement with Kawasaki City for the use of tsunami evacuation centers when tsunami warnings are issued.
  • December 2015: Participated in “17th Tonomachi-Yako route walkway cleanup”
    (Received Smart Lifestyle Award “Grand prize” from Kawasaki City)
  • Acceptance of internship
    • Short-term internship (around one week); aimed at companies
    • Medium- and long-term internship (two to three months): Accepted by University-industry collaboration innovation Human Resources Development Council
      Fiscal 2015: A total of five persons from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Waseda University, Osaka University, University of Tokyo and Tohoku University participated. We plan to accept around five persons again in future.

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