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Introduction to Tokyo Zairyo Co., Ltd.

  • Mexican subsidiary that started<br>business in May 2015 Mexican subsidiary that started
    business in May 2015


[Business content]
Trading company: Placed as a sales office for North America, ASEAN, China as a dedicated trading company for rubber and chemicals.
[Status in recent years]
Established Mexican subsidiary in 2014
Established special rubber compound production plant in Thailand in 2014 (jointly with Takehara Rubber Co., Ltd.)
[Number of employees]
Number of employees as of end April 2016: 174 (Male: 121 Female: 53)
Hiring in fiscal 2015: New graduates: 3

Company Policy (Executive Message)

  • President Shuichi Kakinuma President Shuichi Kakinuma

As a management policy for fiscal 2016 based on Zeon’s management philosophy, we have set “Development of the business” through “Enhancement of health” and “Thoroughness of compliance.”
To promote the business, in addition to focusing on customer satisfaction, care for the environment, consideration for safety, and development of global human resources, our intention is to contribute to synergy with development of the Zeon Group while contributing to the local community.

Efforts to Reduce Environmental Impact

Fiscal Year Targets

  • 1. Development of environmentally friendly products
  • 2. Construction and establishment of chemical substances management and regulatory compliance system
    For laws and regulations, we are aiming at an “Overseas regulations new survey system” and “Establishment of an export consultation questionnaire system.”
[Concrete efforts]
Efforts to expand sales of environmentally friendly products
We acquired ISO14001 in 2006 and are making efforts to expand sales of environmentally friendly products.
In fiscal 2015, we reviewed our products, leading to new sales of 35 environmentally friendly products (annual target 30). The share of environmentally friendly products in total sales is 22.3%.
In fiscal 2016 too, at the same time as reviewing our products, we will aim to expand sales of environmentally friendly products such as plant-based plastics, chemicals, and chemicals for low fuel consumption tires.

Quality Assurance Efforts

We will improve the items of customer satisfaction and supplier satisfaction that are below the reference point.

[Concrete efforts]

  • Extracted improvement challenges through customer satisfaction surveys and supplier satisfaction surveys
  • Implemented improvement using integrated challenge progress management sheet

Relationship with Employees

  • ISO Promotion Office working group meeting ISO Promotion Office working group meeting

[Concrete efforts]
Global human resource development

  • Enhanced training for young employees
  • Proactive overseas business trips for young sales representatives
  • Implementation of training and development aiming at president candidate training for overseas subsidiaries
Promoting technological training
  • Technical education for new employees and mid-career hire employees
Response to fiscal 2015 integration standard revision of ISO9001 and ISO14001
Started to prepare manual to respond to standard revision in a working group. We are studying how to create a simple system that matches the business.

Compliance Efforts

As a trading company that deals with chemical substances, we are promoting strengthening of our compliance regime in order to comply with internal and external chemical regulations.
[Concrete efforts]
Reconstruction of our system for information on chemical substance regulations
In order to respond to the latest law amendments, in fiscal 2015, we introduced a new chemical substance laws and regulations information system.
Continuation of chemical laws and regulations education
We implemented training for all domestic sales staff on overseas (China, Korea, Taiwan, etc.) regulations related to chemical substances.

Living Together with the Local Community

[Concrete efforts]
We participated together with Zeon Corporation in the “Tokyo Station Regional Joint Patrol” organized by the Otemachi, Marunouchi District Living Environment Improvement Promotion Coordinating Committee, and regularly perform street cleaning activities in the Tokyo Station district.

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