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Introduction to Tohpe Corporation

  • Tohpe Head Office Tohpe Head Office

[Business content]
Manufacture and sale of paints and high-performance materials
[Status in recent years]
Tohpe Corporation was founded as a general paints manufacturer in 1915 and joined the Zeon Group in 2013.
[Number of employees]
Number of employees as of end March 2016: 359 (Male: 299, Female: 60)

Company Policy (Executive Message)

  • President Yoshimasa Fushimi President Yoshimasa Fushimi

Based on our corporate philosophy of "Tohpe contributes to society for a bright future," under the three key pillars of "compliance," "concern for the environment" and "customer satisfaction," production, sales and technology come together to demonstrate our creativity. We aim to offer attractive products while conserving the global environment, and focus on developing products that contribute to a sustainable society and healthy industry.
Moreover, we are expected to actively tackle social responsibility as a company, and we will enhance our internal audit system, establish a risk management system, make our information management stricter, and actively carry out corporate governance.

Safety Initiatives


  • Thoroughly implement safety first and compliance
  • Aiming for zero work accidents, improve employee awareness of safety in operation.
[Concrete efforts]
  • Thorough reporting of near-miss incidents and identification of hazardous locations and conditions in all plants.
  • In the three plants that manufacture paint, we focused on countermeasures and education on organic solvent odor control and static electricity.
  • Under the guidance of the Toyota production system, in the Ibaraki and Mie Plants, we made improvements based on 2S activities in the workplace.
Tohpe-activities1 Tohpe-activities2 Tohpe-activities3 Tohpe-activities4
2S activities

Efforts to Reduce Environmental Impact

Paint activities organized by the MD Committee

Reduce the amount of waste and reduce the waste sent to landfill.
Reduce the emission into the atmosphere of organic solvents.
Reduce the unit electricity consumption.

[Concrete efforts]

  1. Efforts to reduce production losses, reduce inventory and reduce waste products, leading to reduction in final amount of waste sent to landfill.
  2. Creation and enactment of rules for energy-saving management, leading to reduction in electricity usage.
  3. We are committed to daily environmental measures such as painting the company as a paint company, eco-cap campaign, recycling of stationery supplies, greening campaign (green curtain).

Implementation of plant area greening movement (development of green curtain) focused on the MD Committee

Environmental data
Tohpe Corporation FY2014 FY2015
Substances covered by PRTR law Number of substances 22 27
Consumption (tons) 8,020 7,764
Amount emitted (tons) 60 58.5
Industrial waste Amount generated (before volume reduction) (tons) 2,445 2,337
Amount sent to landfill (tons) 111 117
Water resources (Industrial water + Ground water + Waterworks) consumption (1,000 m3) - 26.4
CO2 emissions (tons) 8,279 9,600
Energy consumption (crude oil equivalent, kL) 4,296 4,013

Quality assurance efforts

Efforts to create a culture that prioritizes quality, aiming for zero recurrence of quality claims.
[Concrete efforts]

  • Revised work rules and manuals based on ISO 9001 in line with the current status.
  • Signed warranty with raw material manufacturers for the quality assurance of raw materials.
  • Regularly exchanged information with Zeon Corporation Quality Assurance Department, aiming at improving the quality assurance section staff.

Relationship with Employees

[Concrete efforts]

  • QC circle activities
  • MD activities
  • Taimatsu (Torchlight) activities
  • Workplace interactive planning activities

Living Together with the Local Community

[Concrete efforts]
1. Blood donation activities
We have carried out blood donation activities at the Mie Plant every year since 1982.

2. Disaster readiness activities
Staff members at the Ibaraki office participate in the Koga City Fire Department fire hydrant usage event held every Fall. At the fire hydrant usage event participants compete by carrying out fire-fighting operations as quickly as possible in line with the established rules.

3. Participation in regional environmental beautification activities
At the Mie Plant, we participate in regional cleanup work once a year.
At the Ibaraki Plant, we clean the area around the plant once a month.

4. Interaction through Sports
At the Ibaraki Plant, we participate in sports competitions organized by the Kogashi Industrial Association, and the Kogashi marathon, and deepen our interaction with the community.

Blood-donation vehicle for on-site blood donation Fire hydrant operation event at Ibaraki Plant Cleanup at Mie Plant Ibaraki Plant marathon
Blood-donation vehicle for on-site blood donation Fire hydrant operation event at Ibaraki Plant Cleanup at Mie Plant Ibaraki Plant marathon

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