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Communication with Shareholders

General Meeting of Shareholders

  • Online distribution of top briefing video Online distribution of top briefing video

On June 26, 2015 (Friday), we held our 90th annual general meeting of shareholders in a conference room of the head office. To help investors have a clearer understanding of our business, on the day of the meeting we also set up a booth to introduce clients' commercial products that use our manufactured goods.
To allow investors who cannot attend the meeting to exercise their voting rights based on a full review of the proposals, we mail out notices approximately three weeks prior to the meeting.
We also post resolutions from the general meeting of shareholders on our website, and upload audio files of the presentation at our quarterly financial results briefing and videos of presentations by top management on the current status of management at Zeon.

Informing Investors

We send a pamphlet featuring articles on the current status of Zeon’s businesses, relevant topics, and other information to shareholders twice a year. The 91st Midyear Report issued in December 2015 featured the Zeon Group R&D team, and introduced the workplace of the young researchers active at our R&D Center and the motivation and passion they feel about their research themes. We will continue to improve the accessibility of the Midyear Report and to make it better meet shareholders' needs.

The 91st Midyear Report: The 91st Midyear Report: "Zeon Group R&D team"


Zeon Corporation’s basic policy is to pay out steady dividends to shareholders.

We distribute surplus money twice annually, through an interim and year-end dividend. The general shareholders’ meeting and the board of directors decide the interim and year-end dividend amounts, respectively. Retained earnings are leveraged for proactive capital investments in development of innovative technologies and production innovation.

Communication with Investors

  • "Individual investors visiting the Zeon website for the first time"—a <br>Website introducing our business for individual shareholders "Individual investors visiting the Zeon website for the first time"—a
    Website introducing our business for individual shareholders

We engage in active communication with institutional investors and analysts from both Japan and abroad.
We held analyst briefing sessions to announce our fiscal 2015 quarterly results in July and October 2015 and January and April 2016. We also held small meetings in addition to 2nd quarter and annual financial results briefing sessions to explain the present situation of our top management and efforts of our new Mid-Term Management Plan ‘SZ-20 Phase II’, which begins in fiscal 2014.
We also strive to provide individual investors with up-to-date information on our business. For example, we launched online contents dedicated to that purpose on the company website, and uploaded videos of briefing sessions held for individual investors.
We participated for the first time in a Mizuho Investment Conference aimed at overseas investors.
From here onwards also, we will be further increasing our communication areas.
Furthermore, we are working to distribute investor-oriented information through various opportunities such as releasing our Company introductory video at the TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange) IR Movie Square.

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