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Doing All We can to Prevent Workplace Accidents and Protect the Safety and Health of All Plant Workers

In its aim to build safe and stable production systems, Zeon Corporation places an emphasis on communication between worksite managers and workers as the company works to enhance worksite capacities. We put considerable effort into 5S Safety Audits*1, Risk Assessment*2, and identifying near-miss incidents*3, as well as the provision of hands-on training.

  • *1.5S Safety Audits
    Inspections that, in the process of practicing the 5Ss, take a close look at the parts of business operations that carry greater risk in terms of safety, and are conducted with the goal of quantifying worksite performance and resolving areas that pose a threat.
  • *2.Risk Assessment (Kiken Yochi)
    Actions taken by workers to analyze and understand unsafe conditions to stop behavior that places themselves in danger.
  • *3.Near-miss incidents
    Unplanned events that nearly result in an accident, injury, or other loss.

History of Workplace Accidents at Zeon Corporation

Lost-Time Accident Rates*(Zeon Corporation)


*An indicator of the frequency of workplace accidents, calculated using the following formula:
Frequency of lost-time accidents = Number of workers who experienced a lost-time accident / Total actual working time × 1,000,000 hours

5S Safety Audits

5S Safety Audits are inspections that, in the course of practicing the 5Ss, inspect matters that carry greater risk in terms of safety. In fiscal 2015, we implemented 5S Safety Audits three times. In order to promote actions at their own plants by observing the undertakings toward 5S at other plants, all the environmental and safety managers from all plants participated in the inspections.
The Environmental and Safety Affairs Department conducted inspections at seven workplaces.

Risk Assessment (Kiken Yochi)

4RKY (four-round risk assessment) activities
4RKY is one risk prediction method whereby employees assess their work tasks before starting to avoid placing themselves in danger by understanding the risks. The procedure is carried out in steps from round 1 to round 4.
KY trainers assigned at each workplace lead the initiative.

Identifying Near-Miss Incidents

Near-miss incidents are unplanned events that nearly result in a major accident, injury, or other loss. The concept of near-miss incidents comes from what is known as Heinrich’s Law: for every accident that causes a major injury, there are 29 accidents that cause minor injuries and 300 accidents that cause no injuries (near-misses). By accumulating and sharing data on near-miss incidents that occur in our operations, we strive to prevent serious accidents.

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