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Systematic Safety Training

Safety training programs are implemented in accordance with the annual plans set by each worksite.
The head office Environmental and Safety Affairs Department organizes safety training programs for all organizations in the company, while each worksite provides training tailored to its own operations.

Training Organized by the Head Office

The head office Environmental and Safety Affairs Department organizes education implemented by the head office and carries out education and training activities at worksites. Through education, we strive to eliminate incidents and workplace accidents and prevent the spread of damage should anything occur. In doing so, our aim is for our worksites to be trusted by their communities.

Manager and Supervisor Training

New line manager training
Manager training for Manufacturing Department Managers, Equipment Control Managers and Environment and Safety Managers is conducted every year.
 Training covers safety activities based on Zeon’s safety systems and safety-awareness obligations that safety managers should be aware of, environment and safety-related laws and related internal regulations, overview of the four laws of safety and the Safety Management System, etc.
In fiscal 2015, training was implemented once (for two participants).

Safety Training by Former Plant Managers

  • Accident Case Study-based Education<br> Program (Kawasaki Plant) Accident Case Study-based Education
    Program (Kawasaki Plant)

Accident Case Study-based Education Program
It was implemented in fiscal 2003, with the objective to prevent the memory of lessons learned from past accidents from fading, to "learn these lessons and utilize them in future work" and to "raise workers’ awareness of safety and increase their sensitivity to potential risks."
Former plant managers with extensive experience instruct all employees, with concrete examples of accidents at Zeon and other companies, about the grim consequences of such accidents and show them how to recognize risk factors and implement measures to prevent recurrence.
In fiscal 2015, lecturers introduced challenge of creating a safety culture in the processing field based on their experience as well as examples of fires and explosions.

Environmental and Safety Training Program for New Employees

New Employees Recruited by the Head Office
We present examples of workplace accidents during plant training and teach them the importance of adhering to workplace rules.
New Employees Recruited by Plants
A basic education on environmental and safety concerns.

Environmental and Safety Education and Training Programs Organized by Offices

Education on Safety and Environmental Laws and Regulations
Implemented according to an annual plan in each of our offices.

Training Activities
We implement various training activities according to an annual plan. After training, we hold meetings to identify problems, make plans and implement those plans for improvements, and focus on increasing worksites' capacity to respond to emergencies.
  • Comprehensive emergency-response training; Emergency-Response Training and evacuation drills are implemented once or twice per year assuming earthquakes or tsunamis
  • Individual training; Training and information training by the emergency response teams comprising our self-defense emergency response organization

Installation of Safety Workshop

  • Exhibit used to teach <br>use of scaffolding in the Safety Workshop Exhibit used to teach
    use of scaffolding in the Safety Workshop

Our safety workshop at the Mizushima Plant gives trainees experience practicing various safety rules. The workshop tests trainees on their understanding of plant safety rules using a quiz stipulated by the Mizushima Plant Safety Workshop Operating Standards, and displays equipment to help employees of the Mizushima Plant and our cooperating companies deepen their understanding of safety rules.

Introduction of Safety sensation education

  • Getting caught in a roller during <br>hands-on safety education Getting caught in a roller during
    hands-on safety education

In fiscal 2014, we installed hands-on safety devices, already introduced in Kawasaki Plant, (getting caught or trapped, electrostatic explosions and burns, and coupler remaining pressure, etc.) in Tokuyama Plant, Mizushima Plant and Takaoka Plant.
In fiscal 2015, the target for education expanded to employees at research laboratories, resident partner companies, and neighboring group companies. We also added hands-on experiences of falling objects, hanging safety belts and breakage as new education items.
In future, we will continue to repeat these education activities according to the plan.

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