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Policies Related to Quality Assurance

We define our basic policy for quality assurance as follows, in accordance with our basic philosophy and CSR Policy.

  • 1) We contribute to society by providing high-quality products, goods and services with excellent reliability and safety to the market.
  • 2) We fully understand and predict user demands and provide products, goods and services that users can use with satisfaction.
  • 3) In each quality assurance step, we establish an internal system that can assuredly evaluate high-quality products, goods and services with excellent reliability and safety.
  • 4) We establish technologies that can produce products, goods and services with the target quality in terms of reliability and safety.

Quality Assurance System

To consistently manufacture products that reflect the needs and wants of customers and to ensure product quality, Zeon is advancing integrated quality assurance activities companywide, across manufacturing, sales and engineering functions, by strengthening cooperation between plants, departments and research units (R&D Center). Additionally, for ensuring quality assurance, the tasks for manufacturing departments’ quality control were moved to the product department quality control group in order to make quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) tasks clear.

Quality Assurance System

Quality Assurance System

Medium and long-term action policy and 2015 commitments

By expanding Zeon’s development and production bases around the world, we will produce globally uniform products by standardizing Japan’s quality so that people will say “If it isn’t made in Japan, it’s alright if it’s made by Zeon!” By providing valued quality into the supply chain, we are aiming to become ‘Zeon makes the future today through the Power of Chemistry.’
In our company’s Mid- to-Long-Term Management Plan, SZ-20, we have made “global uniform quality and cost compatibility” our 2020 quality assurance goal. From fiscal 2014 to fiscal 2016, we are promoting quality assurance activities that should achieve the establishment of our “aim to create mechanisms that will facilitate quality assurance even if things change (even if Zeon or the world changes).”

Specific Efforts and Targets FY2015 Results Evaluation FY2016 Goals
Implement a quality management system based on ISO 9001
Management of quality assurance risks (product liability lawsuits, supply obligation risk, product recall risk, and the risk of credibility loss due to rumors)
Improving processes (reducing losses and improving consistency)
Underwent ISO 9001 renewal screening and retained certification
Implemented various initiatives to enhance product safety and quality
★★★ Using quality assurance risk management as a foundation, aim to build a quality assurance structure that satisfies all stakeholders, including customers, the public, and employees, through the supply of products

Mechanisms supporting quality assurance at Zeon

To ensure a consistent supply of high-quality products to our customers, we have put in place various quality assurance mechanisms based on the ISO 9001 international standard for quality management systems.
In accordance with the revision of ISO9001 standards, we collected information and discussed internally about the correct form for our quality management system in fiscal 2015.
We purged the tasks that were only for ISO, and aim to conform to applicable company rules in order to make ISO9001 the norm for Zeon.

1. Acquisition of International Quality Standard Certification Status for Zeon Corporation
In 2010, Zeon integrated the ISO9001 certifications obtained throughout the entire company, and has maintained this. In 2016 we plan to receive a renewal inspection and maintain our certification. Also, in fiscal 2016 we will review the quality management system based on the required items in the 2015 version of ISO9001, and start its operation. We plan to receive a regular inspection combined with a transition inspection in 2017 and complete the transition to the 2015 version.
Applicable organizations:
(a) Head office
Synthetic Rubber operating department, Synthetic Latex operating department, Chemicals business department, Specialty chemicals business department, Specialty plastics components operating department, Energy Materials operating department, Electronic Materials Business Promotion Department, Environmental and Safety Affairs Department, Quality Assurance Department, Production Innovation Center, ZΣ Operating Department, Production Department, Production Technology Department, Facilities Management Department, Materials Purchasing Department, Raw Materials Department, Logistics Department, Corporate Planning Department, Business Planning Group, Affiliated Business Management Department, Global Business Administration Department, Human Resources Department, Information Systems Department, CSR Promotion Department, General Affairs Department, Legal Affairs Department, Corporate Communications Department, Intellectual Property Department
(b) R&D Center
Research Planning Management Department, Elastomer Research Laboratory, Toner Laboratory, Specialty Resin Research Laboratory, Specialty Materials No. 1 Research Laboratory, Specialty Materials No. 2 Research Laboratory, Advanced Performance Materials No. 1 Research Laboratory, Advanced Performance Materials No. 2 Research Laboratory, Precision Optics Laboratory, Research Planning Management Department, Environment and Safety Group, Facilities Management Group, Polymerization Management Group
(c) Takaoka Plant
(d) Kawasaki Plant
(e) Tokuyama Plant
(f) Mizushima Plant

2. Acquisition of International Quality Standard Certification Status for Affiliated Group Companies

Site ISO9001*2 ISO13485*3
Japan Zeon Kasei Co., Ltd. *1  
Zeon Polymix Inc.  
Zeon Medical Inc.  
Zeon North Co., Ltd.  
Tokyo Zairyo Co., Ltd.  
RIMTEC Corporation  
Zeon Chemicals Yonezawa Co., Ltd.  
Optes Inc.  
Tohpe Corporation  
Overseas Zeon Chemicals L.P. (ZCLP)  
Zeon Chemicals Europe Ltd. (ZCEL)  
Zeon Chemicals (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (ZCT)  
Zeon Advanced Polymix Co., Ltd. (ZAP)  
Zeon Chemicals Singapore Pte. Ltd  

*1 The logistical materials department acquired certification in the range limited to STEC®.
*2 ISO9001 is the internation standard for achieving ongoing improvements in enhancing customer satisfaction and quality management systems through product and services quality assurance.
*3 ISO13485 is a global standard of quality management systems in the field of medical equipment for the aim of ongoing manufacture and provision of safe and useful medical equipment, and is a specific added required standard for medical equipment by partial omission of the ISO9001 requirements.

Mechanisms to achieve product safety

1. Implementation of product safety review
We strive to ensure product safety from every possible perspective by conducting Product Safety Reviews (PSRs) using our original checklists that consider product safety at every stage of the product life cycle, from initial product development through planning, planning, manufacturing, sales, and disposal.
In fiscal 2015, we identified potential risks more thoroughly than ever before, in particular for final products, and revised our regulations considering these countermeasures. These regulations are now in operation.

2. Chemical substance regulatory compliance
Recently, regulatory compliance is increasing, not only in Japan but also internationally, due to significant changes such as the EU’s REACH and with the onset of new chemical substance regulations in Korea and Taiwan. In order to respond to these regulations, from fiscal 2012 Zeon has been constructing chemical substances management systems that enable continual checking with the latest regulatory and safety information by compiling databases of raw materials and trace components in our products.
In fiscal 2015, we agreed at an early stage to the spread of “chemSHERPA,” * a new information transmission scheme developed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for chemical substances contained in products We started activities to realize appropriate information transmission linked to our Chemical Substances Management System.

* chemSHERPA
(Abbreviation of Chemical information SHaring and Exchange under Reporting Partnership in supply chain)
A common scheme that can be used by the whole supply chain for transmitting information about chemical substances contained in products. It is planned to replace MSDSplus that was promoted by JAMP as well as AIS in the future.

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