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Policies Related to Quality Assurance

We define our basic policy for quality assurance as follows, in accordance with our basic philosophy and CSR Policy.

Quality Assurance Policy
  1. We contribute to society by providing high-quality products, goods and services with excellent reliability and safety to the market.
  2. We fully understand and predict user demands and provide products, goods and services that users can use with satisfaction.
  3. In each quality assurance step, we establish an internal system that can assuredly evaluate high-quality products, goods and services with excellent reliability and safety.
  4. We establish technologies that can produce products, goods and services with the target quality in terms of reliability and safety.

Quality Assurance System

To consistently manufacture products that reflect the needs and wants of customers and to ensure product quality, Zeon is advancing integrated quality assurance activities companywide, across manufacturing, sales, and engineering functions, by strengthening cooperation between plants, departments and research units (R&D Center).

Quality Assurance System

Quality Assurance Syste

Targets and Results

In our mid- to long-term plan management plan SZ-20, we have made “global uniform quality and cost compatibility” our 2020 quality assurance goal. From fiscal 2014 to fiscal 2016, we defined our quality assurance policy as “Aim to create mechanisms that will facilitate quality assurance even if things change (even if Zeon or the world changes).” We then conducted quality assurance activities to achieve this goal.
To develop this quality assurance policy across Zeon Group during the four years starting in fiscal 2017, we revised the policy to read, “Aim to create mechanisms that will facilitate Zeon Group quality assurance even if things change (even if Zeon or the world changes).” We are conducting quality assurance activities across Zeon Group toward this goal.

Enterprise Blueprint for 2020
To meet the expectations of society
Details of current activities and results
(△: Ongoing, ■: Completed)
Future initiatives and targets
Protecting consumers’ health and safety
Both quality and cost are globally first rate
△Have a quality management system based on ISO 9001
△Manage quality assurance risks (product liability lawsuits, supply obligations, product recalls, and credibility loss due to rumors)
△Improve processes (reduce losses, improve consistency)
△Develop activities for production innovations
Establish systems to definitively reduce complaints, process abnormalities, and defects, prevent defective products from leaving Zeon, create corporate quality trusted by customers, and further improve customer satisfaction
Develop initiatives for chemical substance regulations
Develop Zeon’s quality management system at Zeon Group companies outside Japan and at outsourcing partners
Sustainable consumption
Developed and launched a series of products that are beneficial to society
△Develop business based on business plans R&D, manufacturing, and sales focused on consumer-related social issues

The CSR Report provides more detailed information on FY 2016 initiatives.

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