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Since FY2013, Zeon Corporation and Zeon Group (below “Zeon”) has been publishing an annual Corporate Report in a magazine format, which provides an overview of general business activities and corporate information functions. Previously, Zeon published the CSR Report so that our stakeholders could understand our approach to CSR and environmental activities.

Website version

In fiscal 2016, in addition to renewing our Business Profile, which summarizes Zeon’s business, we strengthened the explanation of each business’ strategy. Further, as a highlight, we introduced our new single wall carbon nanotube material, which has superior properties, and included follow-up reports on roundtables held to be considering the strengths of Zeon and Taimatsu (torchlight) activities on cultural innovation.

In order to improve the scope of CSR information, we provide detailed information on our website regarding topics including environmental and safety efforts, our relationship with stakeholders, and initiatives and performance of plants and affiliated companies. We are also giving the public more detailed management information through, for example, the IR webpages and the Fact Book.

Serving not only as a comprehensive survey of our company's approach to CSR and our initiatives, this Report is a communication tool that promotes dialogue with all of our stakeholders so that we can serve a greater purpose to the world at large. We ask for your honest feedback and opinions so that they may be used to improve our activities in the future.

Period Covered

April 2015 to March 2016 (also includes some information from April 2016 and later)

Organizations Covered

The report covers Zeon Corporation and Group companies in Japan and overseas. Some data only covers Zeon Corporation.

Organizations Covered (Environmental Data)
Japan:Zeon Kasei Co., Ltd., Zeon Polymix Inc., Zeon Medical Inc., Zeon North Co., Ltd., Tokyo Zairyo Co., Ltd., RIMTEC CORPORATION., Zeon Yamaguchi Co., Ltd., Zeon Chemicals Yonezawa Co., Ltd., Optes Inc., Tohpe Corporation
Overseas:Zeon Chemicals L.P. (USA), Zeon Chemicals (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Thailand), Zeon Advanced Polymix Co., Ltd. (Thailand), Zeon Chemicals Singapore Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)

Notes on the Report

The report was compiled with reference to the 2007 Environmental Reporting Guidelines of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment and ISO26000.

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