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Risk Management and Compliance System

The Risk Management Committee and the Compliance Committee are advancing Zeon’s risk management and compliance efforts. The Compliance Committee has four subcommittees—the Antitrust Law Regulatory Subcommittee, the Export Security Control Subcommittee, the Corporate Governance Subcommittee, and the Information Security Subcommittee.

Zeon Group’s Risk Management and Compliance System

  • Zeon Group’s Risk Management and Compliance System

The activities of each committee and subcommittee are summarized as follows.

Risk Management Committee

Fiscal 2015 Results

  • Handled incidents as they occurred and took steps to prevent their recurrence
  • Enhanced risk and crisis-related control measures
    Example: Promoted the introduction and reinforcement of business continuity plans (BCP), and implemented continued training based on the Earthquake Disaster Response Manual.

Compliance Committee

Fiscal 2015 Results

  • Educated expatriate staff on Antitrust Law and bribery prevention
  • Conducted workshops on legal compliance at each office
  • Conducted check of understanding level of compliance through e-learning.

Antitrust Law Regulatory Subcommittee

  • Conducted analyses prior to revising prices within each operating division, carried out preliminary screening when interviewing executives and employees of competitor organizations, and reviewed the status of participation in industry bodies.

Export Security Control Subcommittee

  • Conducted seminars for employees and departmental representatives.
  • Implemented numerous final assessments of applicability under list control and trade reviews.

Corporate Governance Subcommittee

  • Established controls for identifying and preventing risks of incorrect settlement of accounts. Evaluated the correct functioning of those controls
  • Convened five times during fiscal 2015 and rectified two ineffective controls.

Information Security Subcommittee

  • Provided education on information security rules
  • Implemented training to raise awareness of security through e-learning. Participation rate: Over 99%

Internal Reporting System

Zeon established its internal reporting system to quickly collect information on potential risks and facilitate their resolution. Reports of risk information can be made not only to one’s supervisor or to the Risk Management Committee directly but also by calling the Compliance Hotline, which connects that person to an external lawyer. No person who reports a matter of concern* will suffer any adverse consequences as a result of making a report.

Internal Reporting Flow Chart

  • Internal Reporting Flow Chart

Incidents of internal reporting: Seven incidents over the last seven years (fiscal 2009-2015).
The Risk Management Committee has appropriately dealt with each of these incidents by conducting an investigation into the reported details and instructing internal organizations to institute measures accordingly.

* Company employees (including seconded employees), temporary employees, and executives of contractors that work at our work sites have the right to report matters of concern.

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