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Zeon regards CSR activity as all activity undertaken in order to continue being “a company trusted and valued by society.”

In April 2010 we established our “ZEON CSR Policy” and a more specific “CSR Code of Conduct (PDF: 229KB)”, and in January 2011 we set out our CSR Promotion Structure.

CSR Management Framework

The CSR Management Framework is comprised of the CSR Conference and seven committees.
Chaired by the President, the CSR Conference is the chief body for decision-making on matters relating to CSR, and is held six times a year. The Conferences are held to discuss and finalize committee activities, measures and annual activity plans, and to give necessary instructions based on progress reports.
The committees report to the CSR Conference and advance CSR activities in specific areas.
The seven committees are the CSR Basic Policy Committee, Compliance Committee, Risk Management Committee, Public Relations Committee, Quality Assurance Committee, PL Committee and Environmental and Safety Affairs Committee.

Zeon’s CSR Management Framework diagram

Zeon’s CSR Management Framework diagram

CSR Basic Policy Committee

Purpose of establishment: To stimulate CSR activities
The CSR Basic Policy Committee provides guidance and support for CSR activities of CSR Promotional Committees at six Zeon offices and nine group companies in Japan.
The committee also defined the standards for responding to society’s requests for support and established a structure for social contribution support.
Social contribution projects (CSR Core Projects) have been carried out since fiscal 2012.

  • Recovery assistance in the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster area
  • “Chemistry classroom” which teaches children who will take the lead in the future the fun side of chemistry.

Compliance Committee

Purpose of establishment: To prevent violations of laws and regulations
The Compliance Committee is responsible for creating compliance education and training programs to be implemented by responsible departments of business activities.
The Compliance Committee has the following four subcommittees.

For details on activities by the Compliance Committee and the four subcommittees, go to Risk Management and Compliance.

Antitrust Law Regulatory Subcommittee

Established to prevent breaches of antitrust law by officers and employees of Zeon in support of fair and free competition. Meetings are held as required.

Export Security Control Subcommittee

Established to ensure appropriate export and domestic sales practices through compliance with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and related laws in regard to products sold and technologies provided by Zeon. Meetings are held as required.

Corporate Governance Subcommittee

Established to promote internal controls over financial reporting by Zeon. Meetings are held as required.

Information Security Subcommittee

Established to make sure information held by Zeon is properly managed and to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Zeon's information assets from threats in the form of willful misconduct, negligence, accidents, or disasters. Meetings are held as required.

Risk Management Committee

Purpose of establishment: To manage risks for business continuity
The committee is responsible for systematically preventing potential risks and gaining control over emerging risks. It also aims to take controlled action to minimize losses or damage in the event a crisis does occur.

For details on activities, go to Risk Management and Compliance.

Public Relations Committee

Purpose of establishment: Public Relations
The Public Relations Committee aims to enhance the profile and image of Zeon through accurate communication of its philosophies, stances and activities. The committee also ensures timely and appropriate disclosure of information by the Zeon Group.

For details on activities, go to Public Relations.

Quality Assurance Committee

Purpose of establishment: Quality Assurance
Checks quality assurance activities and their implementation and discusses, promotes, and improves issues related to quality assurance.

For details on activities, go to Quality Assurance.

PL Committee

Purpose of establishment: Product Liability
Formulates plans for prevention activities and training related to product liability and monitors response to emergencies.

For details on activities, go to Quality Assurance.

Environmental and Safety Affairs Committee

Purpose of establishment: Environmental and Safety
Plans and proposes specific environmental and safety measures for Zeon and monitors progress in addressing environmental and safety issues.
For details on safety-related activities, go to Safety.
For details on environmental conservation activities, go to Environment.

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