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Auditing at Zeon Corporation and Group Companies

Business Audits

Internal audits are performed to prevent improprieties and errors in operations.
The Internal Auditing Department inspects and assesses whether business operations in all departments are being carried out appropriately and effectively in accordance with laws and internal regulations and demands improvements where there are incidents of violations or non-compliance. In addition, the Internal Auditing Department carries out regular follow-up audits on the progress of measures taken by each Department.
Fiscal 2015 Results
35 Departments (Zeon Corporation: 12 departments, group companies: 12 in Japan, 11 overseas)
Fiscal 2016 Plan
34 Departments (Zeon Corporation: 15 departments, group companies: 10 in Japan, 9 overseas)

Responsible Care Audits in Affiliated Group Companies

Responsible Care audits in the workplace target environmental and safety affairs with the head of the Environmental and Safety Affairs Department as the head auditor. Audits are carried out in two parts - Responsible Care Audits and Responsible Care dialogs.

Responsible Care Audits

  • Monitor progress of Responsible Care activities from a specialized viewpoint
  • This audit also covers audits for workplaces certified as high-pressure gas safety (completeness) inspectors
  • Check progress of improvement in auditing indicators with the Annual Worksite Environmental and Safety Activities Plans

Responsible Care Dialogues

  • A venue for thinking together about environmental and safety issues in the workplace that are hard to extract from auditing between worksite members and management

Responsible Care Audits at Group Companies

Group company Responsible Care audits cover progress with group company Responsible Care activities with the head of the Environmental and Safety Affairs Department as the head auditor.

  • Fiscal 2015  Conducted for ten offices in eight group companies

PL Audits

PL audits are audits by an auditing team led by the director in charge of CSR which target product liability and product safety.

Quality Audits

Quality audits are audits by an auditing team led by the Quality Assurance Department head, focused on checking progress in implementing quality improvement activities. They are implemented annually at Zeon's operating divisions, plants, laboratories, and affiliated companies.

Information Security Audits

Information security audits are internal audits related to the handling of information assets. They are conducted using a self-diagnostic format for all units and departments of Zeon.

Internal Plant Audits

Each plant conducts internal plant audits.

  • Review by the plant manager: Review of the implementation status of Responsible Care (at least once a year)
  • QMS (Quality Management System) internal audit
  • EMS (Environmental Management System) internal audit

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