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We believe that it will not be easy to achieve the goals in our Enterprise Blueprint for 2020 by relying on our current operations. It is our belief that each individual employee must have the initiative to take action to respond to changes and continue to engage in challenges to meet high goals, even in a rapidly changing environment where the outlook is unclear.
As an initiative to nurture and strengthen the treasured Zeon characteristics (mutual trust and fellowship) and the key sense of value (speed, dialogue, and social contribution) shared by all persons in the Group, all departments and group companies have engaged in the Taimatsu activities since July 2012, and in July 2016 we entered the fifth year (Term V).

Taimatsu activities

Taimatsu means torchlight, and the Taimatsu activities are aimed at achieving the mid-term goal through “Awareness,” “Aim” and “Acts,” expressed through the words, “What do I want to place importance on?” “What do I want to do?” and “What do I want to be?” We named the initiative “Taimatsu (torchlight)” based on our passion, using an analogy where each member of staff changes and lights a torch, causing the flames to increase and expand.

An overview of Taimatsu activities

Taimatsu activities have reached their fifth year (Term V), with 412 persons (about 13% of all employees) from all departments and Group companies active as Taimatsu members.

①Selection of Taimatsu members
Selection: The thoughts of each individual
Taimatsu members for the year are selected from each department. In this selection, we place importance on the thoughts of departmental heads and each individual.

②Joint workshop with members from the previous and current year
Sharing: Awareness and uncertainties
Members from the previous year share their insights and ideas with members in the current year. The latter members also share the anxieties, points of confusion, and other uncertainties they hold.

③Workshop conducted by current-year members
First step: Just get started
The current-year members gather to gain insights from each other through dialogue, and to connect these insights to actions.

④Departmental activities
Practical action: Widening the activities
The current-year members undertake various activities while engaging in dialogue within their departments.

Toward the next step - expanding and deepening one’s own Taimatsu activities
By looking back on the year and taking stock, current-year members consider activities for the next year and their own involvement in these.


Taimatsu members from Term I engaged in activities under the slogan “Just get started!”
Term V departmental Taimatsu members will indeed “Just get started” from now.
Below is a look at the thoughts and realizations of some Term I - V members (the torchlight flame is steadily expanding from Term I to V).

I must do the same! (Tokuyama Plant)

It is four years since I was active as a Term I member. At the time I was working on designing the new plant at the Head Office Production Department, but currently I am involved in making improvements and reforms to existing plant in the Plant Manufacturing Department.
Many departments are involved at the front line of the manufacturing site, and work cannot proceed unless you say your own thoughts and gain cooperation while understanding the other person. I personally feel again what I learned in Taimatsu. I checked up on who the other Tokuyama Plant Term I members were. I found out that they are the current key players at the plant as section managers, foremen and group leaders. They were all the people that we rely on. “I must do the same!” I thought, receiving a good shock to the system.


Remember the thought of “Just get started” (Kawasaki Plant)

Be safe! I worked as a Term II member on visualizing activities through the “Taimatsu news,” promoting exchange of views through “Taimatsu Networking Events” and raising awareness of what Taimatsu is all about across the plant. Through my Taimatsu member activities I was able to talk with other Kawasaki Plant staff, and this made me more aware of the importance of conversation. I think it was a good experience for me to share many ideas and thoughts.
As the Taimatsu activities enter Term V, I personally feel that the flame of Taimatsu is steadily expanding. I myself would like to enjoy changing to become an even bigger flame, remembering the thought of “Just get started.”


By changing myself, the workplace and the company change too. (Chemicals business division)

I was active as a Term III and Term IV member. I think that Taimatsu is a bottom up approach where you change yourself, and in doing so change your workplace and the company.
While there is nothing concrete that I can boast about, having exchanges with other departmental Taimatsu members links to increased motivation for working at Zeon Group, and I feel that I became more positive about taking things on than before over the two years. I have now passed on to my successor Taimatsu members, but I will work so that they can continue to support handing on the flame in future.


The role of a Taimatsu member is useful in childcare?! (R&D Center)

Taimatsu activities are for each person to proactively take action to achieve the Enterprise Blueprint for 2020, and I think that the role of Taimatsu members is to support people so that they can each take proactive action.
Before I became a Taimatsu member, I had never thought about Taimatsu activities. I feel it was good that I had the opportunity to seriously think about Taimatsu by becoming a member.
The role of a Taimatsu member can also help with childcare. I am the father of three boys and one girl, and I make great efforts to encourage them to proactively take action. I would like to make use of the results of my Taimatsu activities in both business and childcare, and create environments where both I and people around me can take proactive action.


The importance of personal connections (Tokuyama Plant)

What I learned from Taimatsu activities is the importance of personal connections.
The reason I became a Taimatsu member was because I wanted to know other people at the plant better, and really wished to speak proactively with people that I didn’t normally interact with. By deepening our exchanges we got to know each other, and I personally felt that by building better relationships, an environment where work naturally went more smoothly was created.
In term IV I mainly worked on supporting the establishment of a new association and talking with colleagues with the same interests. I think that we can spread the flame of Taimatsu as each person’s personal network expands. I will continue to serve as a member in Term V so I am looking forward to working with colleagues.


I will start from what I can do myself (TFC Co., Ltd.)

Be safe! I was chosen as a new Taimatsu member. I have taken part in Taimatsu activities in the past, but this was in a passive role without taking the initiative myself, so when I was nominated I was very nervous about how to proceed and whether I would produce results. However, I found out at the Term IV and Term V joint meeting that other Term V members feel the same, and Term IV members told me many stories and advised me about what they enjoyed and what was tough, so while I am still unsure, I will start from what I can do myself.
And I will be happy if I can light the Taimatsu flame for even one extra colleague.


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