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  • Highlight 2: Roundtable: Toward the Enterprise Blueprint for 2020 - Considering the strengths of Zeon

We set out Zeon's strong points and challenges toward the Enterprise Blueprint for 2020 and held a roundtable to explore areas that must be worked from now on.
Here we present a digest of opinions of eight junior to mid-career staff from various Zeon Corporation operating departments and the Zeon Group.
Roundtable date: June 24, 2016 (Friday) *Their departments are as of the time of the roundtable

Zeon’s strengths Zeon’s challenges

Zeon’s name recognition for special rubbers is particularly high both in Japan and overseas. I think our future challenge is to use that name recognition while increasing the recognition for other products.
I think our company values communication. I have a long experience of sales in China. While there are some differences in business practices in Japan and China, the most important thing in the end is the connection between people, so I place strong importance on dialogue with customers.
(Zeon Corporation Synthetic Latex Department)

I think we communicate well with a lot of dialogue in this company and I feel connected with people. There is no gap between my impression of the company when I was job hunting and the one after I started working here. The fact that I can still talk freely with the staff who spoke to me when I was a student is a good point. It is not always so with other companies.
(Zeon Corporation Specialty Plastics & Components Department)

Zeon is quick to start and acts on new challenges that look interesting.
I think that we are a little weak in making use of our know-how, technology and failure analysis to efficiently lead to sales. I think it would be a good idea to share personal expertise more.
(Zeon Corporation Energy Material Business Promotion Department)

I think that the company proactively creates opportunities for communication that go beyond group or operating division boundaries through “Taimatsu (torchlight) activities” and various clubs, not only business.
I feel that the top management has a hands-on management style with a clear attitude of listening to the workers on site.
I felt from my experience of working overseas that we need to improve in sharing our policy with the head office.
(Zeon Corporation Synthetic Rubber Department)

I was a member of the union for two years. Compared to other unions, Zeon has less distance between the company and the union, and they maintain a very good relationship. Of course, labor relations are not simply better the closer the relationship, but it is good that there are many opportunities for dialogue and I think that both sides respect each other.
(Zeon Corporation Raw Material & Logistics Department Raw Material Unit)

I think that while we have a stable base of creative technology, we are continuing to take on challenges in areas such as carbon nanotubes.
I think that it is urgent to develop staff who can proactively find new businesses in response to globalization.
We believe that in order to fully demonstrate the synergy of the Zeon Group it is essential that we intensify sharing of information between work sites and respond to the globalization of users.
(Tokyo Zairyo Basic Materials Department Rubber Sales Unit 1)

I think we have a culture with a short distance between managers and workers with an open atmosphere. Also, I can proactively take on whatever challenges I want.
I think that promoting standardization of work across the whole company and even further horizontal development of effective initiatives will become a base for advancing Zeon in the future and will lead to the achievement of the Enterprise Blueprint for 2020.
(Zeon Corporation Production Research and Development Center Facilities Management Department)

I feel that more employees are taking care of their health since we employed “Improving Employees' Health” as a key company theme. How about creating a system such as providing incentives? If everyone is healthy it will reduce health care costs, leading to company profits.
I work with many departments and feel that the great technologies and expertise are not fully shared among them. From a management perspective I think that we should provide opportunities for sharing.
(Zeon Corporation Raw Material & Logistics Department, Logistics division)

Closing Remarks
We were able to confirm characteristics of Zeon Group that staff have felt up to now, such as active internal communication and placing importance on the connection between people in the roundtable. Also, we shared the recognition on the needs for cooperation between organizations in global business activities, making rules consistent, sharing knowledge and know-how, and focusing more on employees' health. Through this roundtable we realized importance of using good communication to find strong points, and by further improvement we can push forward to achieve the Enterprise Blueprint for 2020.
(CSR Promotion Department)

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