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Philosophy and Policy for Environmental and Safety Activities

Responsible Care refers to a voluntary initiative by businesses that manufacture or handle chemical substances to achieve continuous improvement in health, safety, and environmental (HSE) performance across the entire life cycles of such substances—from development and manufacture, through distribution and use, and ending in final consumption or disposal—and based on the principles of independent decision-making and personal responsibility. These businesses publicly commit to Responsible Care in their business policies, execute HSE measures, and strive to improve their performance.

Zeon Corporation has been continuously practicing the Responsible Care philosophy as a member of the Japan Responsible Care Council (now the Japan Chemical Industry Association Responsible Care Council) since its inception in 1995. In 1998 we formulated our own Responsible Care Policy, which lays out a list of concrete goals for implementing Responsible Care.

Environmental Philosophy

Established in 2001, our Environmental Philosophy guides our efforts to deliver products with consistent quality through safe and consistent production while shrinking our environmental footprint.

Environmental Philosophy (Established August 2001)
  1. Environmental protection is a mission of a socially responsible organization
  2. Our basic belief is that environmental protection can be achieved with innovative technology
  3. Environmental protection will be achieved when all employees work together with a sense of mission to overcome challenges

Responsible Care Policy

Responsible Care Policy (Established June 1998)
  1. Prioritize the environment and safety
    Protecting the environment and ensuring safety are preconditions for all business activities and are the most important priorities.
    We will work continuously to enact full accident prevention countermeasures, and provide education and training for all employees to prevent safety and environmental accidents.
  2. Collect and distribute the latest information on chemical products
    We will collect, store and manage the latest information required for the appropriate handling, use and disposal of chemical products, and distribute this information to employees and users.
  3. Minimize the discharge of toxic chemicals and waste
    We will work to reduce the discharge of hazardous chemical substances, minimize waste, and develop technology for recycling and reusing materials.
  4. Promote activities for conserving resources and energy
    We will aim to dramatically reduce the amount of energy we use and help alleviate global warming by developing innovative technology and actively promoting resource and energy conservation activities that involve all employees.
  5. Take the environment and safety into account when developing new processes and products and performing quality assurance
    We will perform thorough environmental and safety evaluations from the initial stages of research, develop technology and products that take the environment and safety into account, and work to maintain and improve the quality of technology and products.
  6. Live together with society
    We will strictly observe regulations related to the environment and safety, whether the regulations come from the local community, the national government, overseas, or organizations to which we belong.
    While cooperating in these activities, we will work to enhance our communication with the local community and society in order to convey a better understanding of Zeon's activities and further strengthen the trust that society has in our company.
  7. Perform continuous improvements
    We will continuously improve our environment safety management and technology by operating a Responsible Care Audit, the Safety Management System, an Environment Management System based on ISO14001, and an Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Environmental and Safety Management Systems

Our worksites have obtained ISO14001 certification by building their environmental management systems on the philosophy of Responsible Care.

Safety Training

We train our employees and managers through programs organized by our head office and each worksite in accordance with annually revised plans.

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