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Environmental Countermeasures for Logistics

Metal packaging containers for products

Wooden, resin, and metal pallets and containers tend to be used for the transportation of various goods, so we are promoting recovering and recycling of these materials from the point of view of efficient utilization of resources and recyclability. We have also adopted numerous recycled resin pallets for our transportation pallets.
In fiscal 2015 we reduced the weight of our metal box pallets (by approximately 7%) and made efforts to effectively use metal resources and reduce environmental impacts.

Weight-saving metal box pallet Weight-saving metal box pallet
Folded pallets after use Folded pallets after use

Compliance with the revised Energy Saving Law

As a designated consigner under the revised Energy Saving Law, Zeon places particular emphasis on rationalizing the use of energy in conjunction with cooperating firms involved in transporting products and raw materials. To date we have studied and implemented improvements in our load efficiencies, a modal shift to rail and ship transportation and improvements in fuel efficiencies in trucks and ships.

Home > CSR > Environment > Environmental Performance in Logistics
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