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Respecting Human Rights and Prohibiting Discrimination

In the "respect for human rights and prohibition of discrimination" provision of our CSR Code of Conduct, Zeon strives to be a business that is understanding and accepting of diverse values and where no one is discriminated against based on gender, age, nationality, or other attributes.

Zeon CSR Code of Conduct (Excerpt)

(Respect for human rights and prohibition of discrimination)
We will make efforts to maintain a sound working environment at all times, respect the human rights of each individual, and not engage in any act that may lead to discrimination.

  1. We will not commit unlawful discrimination based on birth, nationality, race, ancestry, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, preference, academic history or any other characteristic.
  2. We will not force business operations through violence, jeering, abusing, smearing and threatening behavior, nor will we infringe upon human rights through bullying and other such acts.
  3. We will not engage in child labor and forced labor nor will we purchase any product manufactured through such labor.

A Comfortable Working Environment that Values Dialogue

Working Environment Development Policy

Building on the important prerequisite of regulatory compliance, Zeon seeks flexible work practices guided by such principles as motivation, reliability, achievement, stability, safety, and security, with special importance given to our corporate social responsibility. We work endlessly to build comfortable working environments from five perspectives: supporting flexible work styles for a work-life balance, enhancing workplace environments, encouraging dialogue, improving health, and supporting self-reliance.


Programs and Efforts to Realize Comfortable Working Environments

We are always striving to build more comfortable working environments. These efforts include reducing overtime work, implementing flexible working practices, and instituting systems to support childbirth, childcare, and family care.

Flexible working practices Flex-time, discretionary work hours scheme for specialist and management-related work, special holiday encouragement days, half-day holidays, no-overtime days, self-improvement activities, training for managerial and supervisory staff, survey of actual conditions, instruction form for out of hours work, labor/management committee, labor/management patrol
Support for combining work and childcare Maternity leave before and after birth, childcare/caregiver leave system, leave to attend delivery, leave to care for a sick child, half-day leave (applicable to childcare and caregiver), part-time work system, limits on out-of-hours work and elimination of late night work, breast feeding time, childcare/caregiver leave support payment system, childbirth cash payment
Health and welfare Asset accumulation Employees' savings scheme (incentives for retirement savings), employee share scheme (with financial incentives), defined-contribution (DC) pension
Housing assistance Housing assistance system (dormitory and company housing, rent subsidy system, home ownership allowance, home rental for employees on transfer), housing loan system
Marriage Marriage cash payment, honeymoon leave, spouse allowance
Childbirth Childbirth cash payment, maternity leave, dependents and tuition allowances
Holidays and business shutdown Carry-over of holiday entitlements, my-life holidays, refresh holidays (Master employees), public-service leave (jury duty)
Recreation facilities, training site Hakone Gora Facility, Izu Ippeki Facility
Loans and self-help Bereavement condolence payment, bereavement leave, study loan, disaster assistance, group medical insurance, compensation for absence from work (Zeon health insurance cooperative association), optional group insurance, group life insurance, etc.

Support for Combining Work and Childcare

All female employees who have given birth take childcare leave. One male employee took childcare leave in fiscal 2005, 2007, 2010, 2011, and 2015 and two males took leave in fiscal 2014.

Action plan for Employers in General under the Law for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation

Based on Japan's Law for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation, we have drawn up an action plan for employers and report our activities to relevant authorities. In the first term (April 2010 – March 2014), the targets were achieved within the planned period and we received the Kurumin Mark from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, which is awarded to companies that support childcare. The current action plan is as follows.

Zeon Corporation's Action Plan for Employers in General

In order to more fully promote the establishment of an environment where each and every employee can display their abilities to the fullest, we have formulated the following action plan, as we believe that it is important to create an atmosphere and a workplace environment that combines work and childcare.

  1. Target period: The three-year period from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2017
  2. Details:
    Objective 1:
    We will promote the creation of an environment that facilitates the use of compatibility support.
    The support system guidebook will reflect details of revisions to the system as necessary.
    We will provide support by, for example, promoting support plans to managers and by offering consultations.
    Objective 2:
    Initiatives to develop an environment of compatibility support.
    We will work to provide information and develop a consultation system in order to ensure the health of female employees during pregnancy and after childbirth (after a period of absence).
    Objective 3:
    At least one male employee will take childcare leave during the target period of this plan.
    We will create a comfortable work environment and streamline the system to make it easier for male employees to take childcare leave.

Support for Combining Work and Family Care

Managers and employees at Zeon work together to find a balance between work and family for employees with family members requiring at-home care. We set up a consultation desk to support such employees.


Enhancing Workplace Environments, Encouraging Dialogue, and Supporting Self-Reliance

Zeon values mutual trust between co-workers. Our focus is on encouraging communication to create an atmosphere where all employees can be sensitive to each other based on the awareness they share and, in so doing, promote workplace vitality.
We consider communication between not only managers and employees but also within the workplace and between workplaces to be the foundation of all corporate activity. By communicating, we aim to tear down the walls between organizations, unify our intentions, and help employees feel satisfaction and pride in their work.

Labor Agreements and Communication between Management and Employees

Zeon Corporation and its labor union have achieved a labor agreement aimed at maintaining peaceful relations between the two parties and cooperating to grow the company in a healthy manner and to maintain and improve working conditions for union members. This agreement stipulates rules for union activities, labor-management negotiation, and complaint processing, and working conditions such as wages and work hours.
We also issued a Joint Declaration by Labor and Management Aimed at the Growth of the Company based on a common understanding that both the company and labor union must cooperate and actively strive to harness the abilities of everyone in Zeon if the company is to grow.

Joint Declaration by Labor and Management Aimed at the Growth of the Company
  1. We will make mutual understanding and trust the cornerstone of all management-labor relations
  2. We will perform our respective roles to strengthen company infrastructure and build a company of which we can be proud
  3. We will mutually strive to improve and promote our corporate culture as beneficial partners

  • Dialogue between labor and management Dialogue between labor and management

Numerous opportunities for exchanging opinions are established, including consultative meetings between labor and management, RC audits, and joint labor and management patrols, as well as roundtable meetings, which are now a permanent part of the labor-management dialogue. Consultative meetings between labor and management provide ample opportunity for forthright discussion and both sides participate with a forward-looking attitude and spirit of friendly rivalry based on mutual trust.
Zeon intends to proactively provide opportunities for dialogue with the labor union and to implement various policies for making Zeon a "company of which each of its employees can be proud" through a beneficial partnership between labor and management based on mutual respect for each other’s positions.

Dialogue with Management

Zeon actively engages management through such measures as policy briefings, in which managers as high as the President visit worksites to provide explanations and exchange ideas with employees.

Complaint Processing

Zeon’s labor agreement includes rules for making official complaints.
We have established rules for preventing sexual harassment, an act subject to disciplinary action in our rules of employment, and also set up a consultation desk specifically for resolving sexual harassment-related problems.
Zeon also implements education for all staff on prevention of harassment as part of edification about diversity.

Health Management Initiatives

We strive to maintain and improve the mental and physical health of our employees by listing health management in our top management policy.
In addition to healthcare guidance provided by nurses and other professionals, Zeon is committed to statutory medical examinations and guidance as well as conducting detailed medical examinations by industrial physicians.
In terms of employee mental health, several worksites have implemented stress assessments to assist employees in better understanding the physical and mental influence of stress. In addition, Zeon conducts mental health training and assigns psychiatrists and psychotherapists to support its industrial physicians. Performing environmental measurements (such as chemical concentrations, dust concentrations, noise levels) at workstations in our plants also helps us to make improvements to workplace environments.

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