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Human Resources System that Gives Employees a Sense of Challenge and Achievement

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Zeon believes talented employees are what make a competitive company. We aim for a human resources system that provides employees with a sense of achievement by giving them opportunities to challenge themselves with ambitious goals, to act in pursuit of their goals, and to have their employment terms be a fair reflection of their performance, all within the greater goals of the organization.

Employee Performance Appraisal System

With the understanding that there is no perfect performance in a system where people rate each other, we are implementing training for all evaluators and evaluated persons in order to maintain and improve our evaluation capabilities.
Our company has placed particularly high emphasis on evaluations that are convincing. Expectations, required work, and achievement targets are made clear to all staff at the beginning of the term, and are shared among superiors and subordinates. At the end of the term we perform fair evaluations of work and achievements (i.e., contribution to the organization), with the aim of shaping a corporate culture that is rich in sense of achievement and aspiration (i.e., spirit of challenge and creative motivation).
In fiscal 2015 we implemented evaluator and evaluated person practice (training).

Flow of the Performance Appraisal Process

  • Flow of the Performance Appraisal Process

We will continue our efforts to realize an open and fair performance appraisal system that encourages not only the creation of added value but also creative work and that distributes opportunities and rewards in a fair manner.

Bonus Linked to Results

Since 2000, we have adopted a bonus payment system that is linked to performance. The bonus consists of an appraisal of corporate performance, department performance, and individual performance. As with the performance appraisal system, we view the bonus system as a means of giving employees a sense of achievement by providing them with opportunities to challenge themselves with ambitious goals and to have their employment terms be a fair reflection of their performance.
In fiscal 2015 we decided the company performance bonus indicators and targets following discussions between labor and management.

Awards System (Zeon Challenge Award)

Our awards systems include the Employee of the Month (selected by department managers each month) and Zeon Challenge Award (the annual President’s Award) , for which individual employees and departments define a specific challenge at the start of the year and are judged on their progress toward meeting that challenge. Zeon Challenge Award presentation ceremony links all sites via videoconferencing to allow more people to attend every year. High-performing departments and individuals who lost in the running for Zeon Challenge Award are given an Outstanding Achievement Award from the President and a Department Manager’s Award from the department manager.

Number of Annual Awards Given

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Zeon Master System (Reemployment System)

Zeon has adopted a reemployment system for retired employees, called (Zeon) master employees as a sign of respect. The program allows retired employees with valuable skills and a desire to remain involved in the company to continue actively working after reaching retirement age. These master employees are given the opportunity to stay with the company to pass on skills and train their successors.

Severance Pay System

The severance pay system takes into account the last ten years of performance appraisals prior to retirement age and reflects the results in a lump-sum payment upon retirement, with the expectation that employees will remain motivated and feel a continuing sense of achievement right up to retirement age.

Compensation System for Invention Patents

Zeon is constantly working to create new technologies based on its basic philosophy on research and development: “Continuously contribute to society by creating the world’s best products and businesses using environmentally friendly, innovative, and creative technologies that do not imitate and cannot be imitated, in specialized fields—even niche fields—representative of Zeon.”
We strive to expand our intellectual property rights using the patent first* principle, not only to protect—based on full respect for others’ rights—the technologies we have created ourselves but also to contribute to the growth of industry. In addition to compensation for employees when they file a patent application and register a patent for inventions created in the course of their employment, we also have compensation systems for outstanding and successful inventions.
In fiscal 2015 we revised the handling of employee inventions regulations.

*Patent first
According to Zeon’s definition, to file a patent application before developing the product, announcing the product, or providing samples. This means employees develop products after first thinking about how to file the patent application.

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