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Striving to be An Enterprise where All Employees Can Feel Pride in Their Work

In the CSR Code of Conduct, Zeon demands respect for human rights and prohibits discrimination. We strive to be a business that is understanding and accepts diverse values and where no person is discriminated against based on gender, age, nationality, or other attributes.
Based on this policy and the following three activities, Zeon aims to be a company where every employee can work with pride; "Cultivate employees* who can think through by themselves with high goals and keep improving," "Create a human resources system in which employees want to keep challenging in their jobs and feel a sense of accomplishment when they achieve their goals," and "Create a comfortable work environment where dialogue is highly valued.”
* In Zeon, when we say “employees,” it refers to all workers including full-time workers and part-time workers.

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Targets and Results

Promotion Items Fiscal 2015 Targets Fiscal 2015 Results Self-assessment Fiscal 2016
Proper operation of childcare support system
Running of returning-to-work program after childcare and nursing employees leave
Operation of the flexible working time system and Planning Services Discretionary Labor System
Correct operation of the regulations on prevention of sexual harassment
(Handled as a daily management activity) Established “Rules concerning maternal health care measures” in order to properly manage the health of female employees and contribute to developing the working environment
Regulated “Rules for handling childrearing leave period” for special extension of the childcare leave period (up to 2 years 6 months old)
Implemented diversity training as a foundation for diversity understanding
Implemented prevention of harassment training. Set up harassment consultation service system
Created Action Plan for Employers in General based on the Act to Advance Women's Success in their Working Life
100% of female employees that gave birth in FY2015 took child-care leave
One male employee took child-care leave in FY2015
★★★ (Handled as a daily management activity)
Appropriate operation of the Personnel System (self-assessment, evaluation system, etc.)
Hiring of foreign nationality employees (mid-career employees, exchange students)
Enhancing the reemployment system for retirees
Support for employee skills and career development
MD committee of women members (Committee to promote cost reduction, consisting only of female employees) activities
(Handled as a daily management activity) Implementation of evaluator and evaluated person practice (training)
Implementation of scholarship program for university students overseas and participation in foreign universities' recruitment events
Ratio of employees with disabilities (parent) 2.23% (FY2014 2.04%)
Rehiring of retired employees 75 out of 93 retirees (80.6%)
(Details are on our website: Home > CSR > Relationship with Employees > Employment and Diversity)
★★☆ (Handled as a daily management activity)

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