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Basic Information on Zeon Corporation’s employees (Non-consolidated; does not include non-permanent employees)

As of March 31, 2016 (excluding those resigned at the end of March)

  Male Female Total
No. of employees 1,450 174 1,624
No. of new hires Newly graduated*1 32 13 45
Mid-year*2 10 1 11
Average duration of employment (yrs.) 15.91 13.18 15.61
Of which, there is a total of 12 foreign employees (6 male employees and 6 female employees)
  • *1.Employees that joined that company in April 2016
  • *2.Employees that joined the company in April 2015 to March 2016

Hiring in 2016

The Zeon Group hired 78 graduates of high schools, technical colleges and universities as new employees at the start of fiscal 2016, and Zeon Corporation hired 11 mid-year workers in fiscal 2015.

Employing People with Disabilities

In fiscal 2015, Zeon Corporation’s employment ratio of workers with disabilities was 2.23%, above the statutory minimum of 2.0%. We will continue to hire more disabled workers while exercising the utmost care for ensuring safety, particularly at our laboratories or plants, which handle hazardous materials and use industrial equipment, such as rotating machines, to manufacture chemicals.

Percentage of Disabled Recruits

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Reemploying Retired Employees

The Zeon Group has adopted a reemployment system that allows retired employees with valuable skills and a desire to remain involved in the company to continue working after reaching retirement age. In fiscal 2015, 75 out of 93 employees (80.6%) who retired continue to work for the Zeon Group.

Percentage of Reemployed Retirees


Drawing On Women's Perspectives

The MD Committee, established in January 2009, marked its eighth year of operation. In fiscal 2016, the committee, consisting of 60 women from across the company, promoted MD activities with the slogan of the two Cs (CSR and cost reduction) and the two MDs (“muda-dori” and “mudo-dukuri” – or, waste-cutting and mood creation in English). In addition to waste-cutting proposals that can be directly measured in monetary terms, they are also conducting initiatives to improve working environments and to facilitate communication, and they are promoting steady activities with a focus on creation and imagination in each plant and workplace.

Home > CSR > Relationship with Employees > Employment and Diversity
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